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Nia Long Finally Speaks Out On Reported Behind The Scenes Drama On 'Empire' And Feud With Taraji P. Henson

Nia Long has finally responded to the rumors swirling about her allegedly obnoxious behavior on the set of "Empire."

Long appeared to address the reports about her being difficult on the set in a new interview. 

TMZ previously claimed that Nia was causing drama on the set of "Empire" and butting heads with her co-star, Taraji P. Henson.

The site reported that things were so tense between Nia and Taraji that they soon refused to speak to one another on set. An insider went on to state that they had to shoot their scenes separately. 

There were also reports that Nia was being extremely rude to the people in hair, makeup and wardrobe. Long's diva attitude to the staff did not go over well with Henson.

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Nia played a recurring role as Giuliana (Giusi) in season 3, who was the ex-girlfriend of the main character Lucious Lyons (who is played by Terrence Howard). 
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Nia appeared to respond to the reports on her treatment of the show’s makeup artists and hair stylists in her new interview with TV One's "Uncensored."
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The actress explained, "When I started really working as an actress there were about four of us Jada Pinkett-Smith, Halle Berry, Regina King, and Jasmine Guy. But, the women that were I was in constant competition with mostly it was me and Jada."

Nia continued, "It was like 'Oh.. Do you want the brown skin spicy girl? Or… Do you want the light skin spicy girl? Which one do you want?' And, if you look at the history of film during that time."

She went on to state, "You will see how we were divided, but we both contributed something to this industry that I think it simply states, 'We open doors for brown girls to be exactly who we are and that’s beautifully complicated.'"

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Nia finally touched on rumors she was difficult on set. She explained, "So it’s been a blessing and a curse because here’s what I do know. Nia Long knows her light. Nia Long knows her makeup. Nia Long knows her hair."
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Long adds, "And, you probably can’t talk me into something else unless you show me. If you want to call that difficult than sorry." 

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