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Watch: Nia Long Recounts That Terrible Blind Date With Chris Rock And Her Savage One-Liner That Shut The Comedian Down

Dating as a comedian must be strange. Wonder if people expect them to put on a show all the time…?

Nia Long and Chris Rock once went on a date. She claims that he was the only man she’d ever been out with who gave her a fake phone number.

The audacity. 

In a preview for the upcoming episode of TV One’s Uncensored with the actress, she opens up about that experience. It…wasn’t great. It was around the time that the Chris was a cast member on Saturday Night Live and she was on Guiding Light (which was between 1990 and 1993).

“I remember Chris Rock and I were set up on a blind date,” she explained. “He was on Saturday Night Live. We went out. We hated each other. I was like, ‘This dude is not even that [expletive] funny.’ And he’s the only dude that has ever given me a false number [laughs].”

Don't worry though. Chris will be fine with Nia bringing this tidbit up for the sake of a solid sound-bite. The duo already touched on the topic on The Wendy Williams Show

Chris had explained that he gave her a fake number because he was turned off by the fact that when asked if she was seeing anyone, Nia replied, “No, but I know where to get some [expletive] if I need it”.

Um, that is an amazing retort.

Get the full scoop on Nia’s by tuning into her episode of Uncensored, which airs on Sunday, March 11th.

It’s all ancient history, folks. Chris is currently sweeping 34-year-old actress Megalyn Echikunwoke off of her feet; they have been together since 2016. Nia is likely still with her fiancé Ime Udoka (he is an assistant coach of the San Antonio Spurs), whom she has been with for eight years; they also have a son named Kez.

Chris has talked about his other unsuccessful attempts at Hollywood flings before (we are withholding a snide comment about his previous marriage, by the way).

He recently revealed that he tried to land Rihanna after his divorce from Malaak Compton Rock. “How you doing Rihanna?” he said he asked the musical super star in his recently-released stand-up special, Tamborine

“Rihanna looked at me like I was one of her aunts. She didn’t even register me as a [expletive] carrying member of society. Like, I would have had an easier time ­[expletive] Aretha Franklin.”

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