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Report: 5 Adults Sentenced After Raping And Shooting A 1-year-Old With A BB Gun

Five were sentenced for their role in abusing children. Police say children as young as one were victims of rape and subjected to acts of abuse, including being shot by a BB gun by their mothers and a group of men.

The charges allege that one of the mothers performed a sexual act on the 2-year-old boy and that the children were forced to watch the adults engage in sex acts with each other.

One incident details how three male deviants held down one of the mothers and forced the 2-year-old’s genitals into her mouth.

The children reportedly assaulted with punches and slaps and were also thrown over a banister and shot with the guns.

31-year-old Shakia Jackson, 22-year-old Danielle Hammond, 24-year-old Mark Isom, 28-year-old Daryl Carter and 23-year-old William Wade are among those charged in the case. Daryl and Mark are brothers.

The 1 year old child is Hammond’s. The 2-year-old and the three other children are Jackson’s. All five of the victims were under 12 years of age. Oof.

The adults abused the five children at a home in Darby, Pennsylvania, a suburb just outside of downtown Philadelphia.

Jackson reportedly told police that “she and the other adults were only playing and the children wanted to be shot.”


Officers say the three men and two women have been under investigation since June.

Each defendant plead guilty to one count of endangering the welfare of a child, a felony of the third degree and one count of simple assault (a first-degree misdemeanor).

Each was sentenced to nine to 23 months at the county prison in Concord, as well as four years of consecutive probation.

Wade, who is apparently a semi-professional football player and football coach at Bartram and Ben Franklin High Schools, apologized to the court and victims with tears in his eyes.

Uh. We really hope that someone bothered to look into what else this bunch may have been up to…

Revolting. Also, 23 months behind bars doesn’t really seem...long enough for such reportedly heinous crimes? Am I Right?

Let me know your thoughts below!

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