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Faith Evans & Stevie J Explain How Their Marriage Came Together + Also Drop Baby News — Video

Are newlyweds Stevie J and Faith Evans having a baby?

Think of the plotlines this would create for their rumored reality show though. Jokes. They both seem to be drinking the love punch, so if that is what they want, then fine, right?

The pair seems to have swapped rings and vows in Las Vegas on July 17th. And they later commemorated their union with tattoos.

So, are they trying to end up with a bundle of joy sooner than later?

Mr. and Mrs. Jordan spoke to TMZ about their relationship. 

“Why do you say try [laughs],” Faith replied when a staffer asked if they’re trying to add to their family. “I’m pretty fertile, he is too! He ain’t shootin’ blanks!” Stevie J has six children (at least?) and Faith has four kids.

“There was always a love there, but I never saw him in a romantic way, he knows that’s true,” Faith explained of their dynamic. However, Stevie J shared that their first kiss happened in the studio and he knew she was something special.

“She just had to feel these soft lips,” he laughed. The couple also detailed that they dated for a few years but didn’t want to get married in an impromptu fashion.

“She shot me down because I wasn’t ready,” Stevie noted of the earlier possibility of tying the knot way back when. 

However, time, patience and fate brought the couple together.

Oh and Faith has heard all the whispers that this is all a faux-mance for the sake of capturing headlines; she recently threw out a response in a prior interview.

“We started working on the song ["A Minute"] a few months ago in Las Vegas and we got great feedback so we filmed the video in April,” she told Acton Entertainment.  “And neither one of those times we knew that we would get married on July 17, but we had the date for the single release already in mind. It’s actually good timing now but it wasn’t planned. The single was going to come out regardless.”

The musical icon apparently intended to create a duet album with men in R&B but “A Minute” inspired her to make the whole project with her new husband. 

“People are always going to have something to say but I would never do anything (an important decision) like that for a publicity stunt,” Faith stated.


“People say me and Biggie got married as a publicity stunt and Puff didn’t know we were married. We’ve been great friends for years and it obviously developed into a romantic connection and now he’s married now.”

Watch the interview below:

She also clapping back anyone hating on her union with Stevie J as well…

#TSRClapbackSeason: #FaithEvans vs fan 👀

So, are you hoping that Faith ends up getting pregnant sooner than later?

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