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Report: 7-Year-Old Girl Dies After A 'Hanging Prank' That Went Wrong & Left Her Brain Dead

A seven-year-old girl has died just two days after she attempted to play a prank on her mother, which went horribly wrong.

Precise Tucker was left brain dead after she reportedly tied one end of a bathrobe belt around her neck and choked on a Doritos chip at her family's home in Queens, New York on last Wednesday night (March 21st).

Police later announced that the little girl had passed away on Friday night (March 23rd).

Precise's mother, Purity Baldwin, told police officers that her daughter was always doing silly pranks on her family members. Purity revealed the pranks normally involved her "being physically injured or appeared to be deceased. 

According to the police report, Purity told her 7-year-old daughter to "knock off the horseplay" after seeing her latest stunt. Precise's mother then walked out of the kitchen with her 15-year-old son while Precise was still tied onto the refrigerator door. 

Tucker's teenage brother walked back into the kitchen to find Precise choking at around 8:30 pm on Wednesday evening. 

Purity called emergency responders and attempted to perform CPR, removing the Doritos chips that were lodged in her daughter's throat. 

Precise's teen brother ran outside and right into former EMT, Debi Pawluk, who had arrived to perform CPR.

Pawluk proceeded to stick her fingers down Precise's throat while a neighbor, John Tziastoudias, assisted. 

Pawluk talked to a news station, saying, "Her mother was already doing CPR before I got there. I got the chip out of her mouth. She threw up. I cleared the [air]way so I [could] do the CPR. When she threw up, I didn’t know if it was the hot Doritos or the barbecue."

Neighbor Jose Rivera saw first responders put the little girl on a stretcher as they pushed on her chest as they hurried towards the ambulance. 

Precise was taken to the Long Island Jewish Cohen Children’s Medical Center, where she began to breathe on her own again after CPR was administered. 

The little girl was put on life support by Thursday morning (March 22nd).

A specialist had been called in the night before and Tucker failed every test, Baldwin's sister told the newspaper.  

Police are investigating the tragic incident. The family has no prior history with the Administration for Children's Services. 

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