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Tristan Thompson's Mistress Opens Up About Affair With Khloé Kardashian's Baby Daddy

Lani Blair celebrated her birthday over the weekend in Las Vegas, partying it up at Crazy Horse 3 Gentlemen’s club. The Instagram model was asked about her rumored dalliance with Tristan, stating he wasn't on her mind at all.

Blair was asked how she felt about landing additional followers due to the cheating scandal with Thompson. She doesn't appear to believe it has anything to do with Tristan, stating she's "always had a solid fanbase." 

Lani told reporters, "I just want to have a good time tonight. I don’t even want to get into that. It’s not even on my mind. It’s my birthday. It’s my birthday weekend. I’m here to have a good time. I’m not even thinking about that right now. I just want to go inside. Have a good time. Have a couple drinks."

Blair wore a very revealing pink jeweled dress for her birthday bash, saying she loves the atmosphere in Las Vegas.

She said, "You know what, I’ve always liked Vegas. It’s a fun interesting place to be. A lot going on. I heard a lot of good things about this place. Can’t wait."

#LaniBlair is breaking her silence on #TristanThompson’s cheating scandal. 😳 Link in bio for the exclusive details. (📸: Instagram, Getty Images)
Lani, who is reportedly set to appear in the VH1 series "Gold Diggers", was the other woman in Thompson's cheating scandal months ago.

The curvy Instagram model was photographed kissing Tristan in a club one evening, before being spotted with him at his hotel in New York.

The timing of the affair was pretty ugly, with Thompson's girlfriend, Khloe Kardashian, due to give birth to their daughter any day.

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The pair welcomed their daughter and appeared to be trying to repair their damaged relationship. However, sources reveal Tristan hasn't stopped seeing Lani.
#TristanThompson has still been seeing #LaniBlair, and he’s also been spending thousands of dollars on her — but that’s about to change. 😳 Link in bio for the details! (📸: Getty Images, Instagram)

The NBA star is still allegedly in touch with Lani, even giving her money for clothing and manicures. 

An insider told InTouch Weekly, "Tristan still sees Lani on the low and gives her thousands of dollars a month for clothes, her hair, mani and pedis, and some pocket change, but now that Tristan got fined $25,000 by the NBA, he told her he can’t pay her and that she’s on her own for the month."

"Lani has been complaining to Tristan about going on a shopping spree like he’s promised time and time again," a source shared. "This time, he got clever and sent her a box full of expensive Good American jeans from Khloé’s denim line."

Another source stated that Lani was "just happy Tristan sent her gifts which shows he cares," even knowing that Tristan's baby mama designed the denim.

The insider adds, "Lani even snapped a few pics of herself in the jeans, texted them to Tristan, and said she looks better in them. He replied back with two hearts."

Nite nite🌑

Neither Khloe Kardashian, nor Tristan Thompson have yet to speak publicly about the cheating scandal or Lani Blair.

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