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NeNe Leakes Responds To Reports She Got Kenya Moore Fired From ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’

It's no secret that two of the popular Real Housewives of Atlanta frenemies NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore have had their fair share of differences throughout the years.

Last week, it was reported that Ms. Moore has exited the series after 6 season after getting a “ridiculous offer” for season 11. 

According to Love B. Scott, executives are reportedly willing to keep Kenya on the cast list but in a reduced capacity as a "friend of the show" and have cut her salary by 90 percent.

The production team further demanded that she film her pregnancy journey with Marc, who has supposedly agreed to film for the next season only to support his wife.

Kenya then confirmed those reports expressed her disappointment that RHOA fans won’t see the happy ending of her having a baby at age 47 with her new husband, Marc Daly. 

No worries though #TeamTwirl, Ms. Moore hinted she might get her own series, where fans could follow her as a new mom.

Nene has come under fire with the Internet lately as fans argue that her long running grudge against her former nemesis might have gotten her fired from the series. 

The rumors first sparked when Leakes posted a quote to her Instagram account which read, "Street Code 101: Never bite the hand that feeds you."

In the caption, Mrs. Leakes wrote, "It speaks VOLUMES about your character! Basically you're saying ' [expletive] you' and that's how you get F'd up just sayin what the streets said."

Take a look, below:

It speaks VOLUMES about your character! Basically your saying 🖕🏾you and that’s how you get F’d up👊🏾 just sayin what the steeets said🤷🏾‍♀️😂 #streettalk #respectthecode #dontshootthemessanger

Attempting to clear up the confusion and the assumptions, the RHOA OG jumped on Instagram Live to set the record straight about any reported drama with Kenya Moore and her alleged participation in Kenya’s dismissal.

"It's so weird. If you look down my page — my IG page — I have all of these pink and white messages about a lot of stuff," she said. "About loyalty, about money doesn't impress me, oh gosh, I don't even know half of the stuff that's on there. I have a guy who does all my fliers and stuff for me. We sometimes search around social media, and we find messages that we think are great. It's so weird how everybody picked that message and read all that stuff into it."

Speaking specifically about the Kenya Moore connection many made to the post, she added, "I really have no freaking clue where you guys are getting anything with Kenya and I from. Kenya and I haven't had an issue in, gosh, I don't even know how long. A couple of years, I guess."

She added that the cast is in the middle of shooting season 11 and she has no say in any of the ladies’ contract decisions.

Watch it below: 

This all came just hours after Kenya Moore fans held a “protest” in front of Bravo’s NYC offices to bring the former beauty queen back as a full-time peach holder for season 11 of Real Housewives of Atlanta

Do you want Kenya Moore back or are you glad she’s finally gone? 

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