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Report: Young Mother Fatally Stabbed 2-Year-Old Son And Tried To Murder Boyfriend In His Sleep

A Florida mother attempted to kill her boyfriend and stabbed her two-year-old son to death before trying to kill herself.

Nathaly Ramos, 22, was arrested on Sunday afternoon and charged with second-degree murder and attempted murder after fatally stabbing her toddler son, Alphonse, at their home.  

Police received a 911 call at around 6 am that morning, with the caller stating that family members took the little boy and his mother to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Ramos was taken to Homestead Hospital in critical condition, but was later released and is being held in jail without bond. A mugshot photo of the troubled mother shows a stab wound on her neck.

Miami-Dade Police revealed that Ramos had a knife in her hand at the hospital which authorities retrieved and admitted as evidence.  

Ramos' boyfriend, who was not identified, was airlifted to Jackson South Community Hospital and reportedly remains in critical condition.

Police records show that the man told investigators he woke up to experiencing severe pain in his body on Sunday morning. He realized his girlfriend has stabbed him multiple times.

She then allegedly chased him around the house with a knife and a taser before fleeing when he locked himself in a bathroom.

The woman then walked a mile down the road to her mother's home, where she stabbed her 2-year-old son in the throat. Ramos then attempted to kill herself by cutting her own throat. 

Ramos reportedly admitted to police that she had stabbed her boyfriend and her young son. 

Neighbors told local news outlets that Alphonse lived in the government housing complex with his grandmother because Ramos was unstable and lived in a shelter.

A neighbor revealed, "The daughter, who is the mother of the baby, she's very depressed. She's not right in her mind, so Grandma wouldn't let her come see the baby like that."

Ramos reportedly kept the father of her son, Jesse Gonzales, from seeing him for a couple of months. 

Gonzales stated, "I feel like, in my heart, it's not true. It's not real. I just picture his face and, like, being around him all of the time was always so good."

Gonzales revealed that he and Alphonse’s mother, separated about a year ago, but they were still on good terms.

Gonzales stated that he saw Alphonse often, but Ramos suddenly stopped answering his calls two months ago.

"It's been already two months I've just been trying to see him and I find out about this today, and it just kills me very deeply because I have no son no more," Gonzales said.

Ramos' Facebook page is full of strange posts that make it appear she battled mental illness. One post read, "you must betray the humans." 

She wrote on November 29, "Can you save. Can you save my heavy dirty soul, For me?"

Her earlier Facebook posts appeared to show she was a devoted mother.

Ramos faces charges of second-degree murder and attempted murder. She appeared in court Monday morning, where she was ordered held without bail.

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