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Nas Put On Blast For Sleeping With A Popular DJ's Girlfriend For Years On The Low — Receipts Inside

Wow, who knew Nas was “Mr. Steal Yo Girl?”

According to Page Six, legendary rap icon Nas has been accused of sleeping with a popular DJ’s girlfriend… for years!

Music producer & classic hip-hop DJ Nabs says he came across texts that prove the Queens emcee has been involved with his lady, Jessica Santos since 2014 — and then sent Nas a letter confronting him about it.

In the letter seen by Page Six, DJ Nabs wrote: “On May 19th, 2018 after my performance in Atlanta with the Youngbloodz, my girlfriend didn’t come home one night. After confronting her and getting the silent treatment, I discovered on my own, texts and emails, that [proved] she had [an intimate] relationship [with Nas].”

Apparently, when DJ Nabs brought the proof to Jessica, “she defiantly admitted to sleeping with [Nas] the night she didn’t come home.” She claimed that she and Nabs “were over” when it went down. She even defended the texts by saying that “the [intimate] texts are a minuscule part of our friendship.”

Are you ready for a double plot twist? 

The Atlanta producer admits he’s a bit of a hypocrite because he started dating Jessica Santos while still married to his ex-wife. Nabs also mentioned that he ignored some warning signs about his cheating girlfriend and Nas that he chose to ignore.

When he met Santos, she has just broken up with another man — who had also accused her of cheating with Nas. Somehow, he managed to convince himself that the rapper and Santos were just friends. Nabs decided to leave his wife to solely be with Jessica, only to find out she had been sleeping with Nas for pretty much the entire duration of their relationship.

The DJ says: “[I thought] it was . . . acting out of insecurity and just accepted Nas was a friend of hers . . . She was sleeping with Nas during our relationship.” 

Nabs, (who was with Jessica while having a whole wife at home) thinks that Nas should have known better: “He knows I was with Jessica. He knows I left my wife . . . I’m sitting in this situation betrayed by both of them, and I don’t owe them anything.” 

DJ Nabs explains that his goal in making the letter public is to “free himself” and to publicly apologize to his wife for leaving her for Santos. 

He says he also gave Jessica a heads up before going public with the affair. Guess how you get them is how you lose them goes for guys too!

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