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The Custody Battle Between Nas And Kelis Over Their 8-Year-Old Son Heats Up And Things Do Not Look Pretty

Nas and Kelis have been embroiled in a nasty custody battle for quite a while now over their eight year-old son. The drama has even resulted in their attorneys going at each other in court!

The frustrated lawyers representing the former couple are resorting to name-calling during the deposition.

TMZ reported that Kelis and Nas' lawyers were involved in a heated exchange during a deposition. The rapper's attorney reportedly called Kelis' lawyer a "fattie", among other things.

Kelis' attorney, Navid Moshtael, stated this was a first for him to have an "experienced attorney" insult him on the record.

The court room drama, which seems pretty childish, actually held up the deposition. 

Nas and Kelis appeared to have come to an agreement earlier this year in their custody battle. However, Kelis decided to request an increase in child support after Nas made $40 million from his investment in a doorbell company.

#Kelis says she wants more money now that #Nas hit the bank with his #Ring investment and doesn’t think 100k is enough per year for their child! Smh she now says she won’t let him see the kid unless she gets more bread! #hiphopoverload

Nas had previously claimed that Kelis was refusing to give him visitation with their son, Knight. 

The rapper stated that he had tried  "to work cooperatively with Kelis over the years," but Kelis only allowed him visitation "when she deems it convenient for her."

He says Kelis gets to pick and choose when he can visit their son. Nas claimed he would go months without being ever to see their child. 

Kelis and Nas tied the knot back in 2005, after dating for two years. The "Milkshake" singer filed for divorce in 2009 when she was 7 months pregnant with their son. She accused Nas of cheating on her. 

Just love exploring the world with my little ones by my side 🌎

The pair's divorce was finalized in 2010, with Nas being ordered to pay over $350,000 in the divorce settlement. That sum isn't even counting the additional $51,000 the rapper was ordered to pay Kelis each month for child and spousal support.

Kelis went on to marry photographer/real estate agent, Mike Mora. Kelis has a one-year-old son with Mora.

Nas also has a daughter named Destiny, who was born in 1994, from his relationship to Carmen Bryan. Nas reportedly split from his former fiancée after she cheated on him with JAY-Z.

NaS & Kelis’ custody battle has gone to new lows.

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