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Report: Teen Kicks Girlfriend's 5-Month-Old Son To Death After Catching Her Cheating

A Michigan man and his girlfriend have been charged in connection with the death of the woman's 5-month-old son. Rico Riggs, 19, kicked his girlfriend's baby boy after finding out she was texting an ex-boyfriend.

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton announced Thursday that Riggs has been charged with murder, first degree child abuse, tampering with evidence, and intimidating witnesses in the murder of 5-month-old Jordan Algee, Jr.

The baby boy's mother, 23-year-old Temara Shaniece Reed, of Flint, was charged with tampering with evidence, lying to a police officer conducting a violent crime investigation, being an accessory after the fact to a felony, and third-degree child abuse.

Riggs kept changing his story, first attempting to blame the 5-month-old's older sister for the injuries. 

Detective Brett Orvis, who testified in court against Riggs, recalled, "He stated, 'I lost control, spazzed out and kicked the baby.'"

On March 25, Rico flew into a jealous rage after he discovered Temara had been texting ex-boyfriends and having them inside the home when he wasn't at home.

Detective Orvis revealed, "He had found out that they were coming over when he wasn’t there. He didn’t know their names. He said he found out by going through her phone."

Temara testified in court that she left to go pick up snacks for Rico at the store and left her phone at home. Her boyfriend went through her phone and discovered incriminating text messages. 

The detective testified in court, "He got upset and went upstairs angry. That’s when he spazzed out and kicked the covers, losing control. Jordan was laying in the blankets that he kicked. As soon as he kicked the covers Jordan immediately began crying."

Reed spoke in court, saying she only left her son for a short time before finding him unresponsive.

"All I did was run across the street from the store and then when I came back," she said as she burst into tears.

Temara arrived back home from the store to find her 5-month-old son screaming. She first tried rubbing his stomach, before rushing him to the emergency room.

The couple took Jordan to McLaren Flint’s emergency room for "dire medical issues", before being transferred to Flint’s Hurley Medical Center, where he died on Sunday night.

The autopsy report ruled that the child had died of blunt force trauma.

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton said, "The investigation has lead us to Rico Riggs as the person who inflicted these injuries and caused the baby’s death. The mother has also been charged as an accomplice after the fact and for attempting to thwart the lawful police investigation. We are working diligently to see that justice is served in this heart wrenching case."

Reed faces up to 21 years behind bars if he is convicted on all charges. 

Workers at a local day care said they saw Jordan several days ago. They described him as a happy baby that was always smiling. 

Barbara Griffin, an employee at Charlotte's Web Childcare Center, said, "He had a special little smile. He was just a healthy little boy. He was very strong in his limbs. There is nothing wrong with Jordan. They were telling me what happened and I was so shocked."

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