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Report: Classmates At Boarding School Find 12-Year-Old Girl Dead From Reported Suicide After Constant Bullying

Well, we are going to have to curl into a ball and cry after this one, we’ll tell you that much right now. Be warned, there is no happy ending here…

A 12-year-old girl named Stormiyah Denson-Jackson recently succumbed to bullying and took her own life.

“She did tell me that a lot of kids would be bullying her, picking on her. And when she tried to tell the staff, they wouldn’t do nothing about it,” her mother, Pat Denson, explained. “But when she reacted, they put her as the bully.”

The girl’s body was found at The SEED Public Charter School of Washington (SEED DC), police stated. She was discovered by her roommates in her dorm.

Officers responded to the school on the 4300 block of C Street SE, near East Capitol Street, for a report of an unconscious person. 

“I sent my baby there to learn, not to die,” her mother said. “I just can’t understand it.”

The seventh-grader won awards in modeling competitions and was looking forward to going to college. 

But the tween’s classmates bullied her out of her dreams, Pat says. 

Opened in 1998, SEED DC is a public, college-preparatory boarding school that serves 370 students in grades six through 12. Ninety-one percent of its graduates have enrolled in college and 80 percent are first-generation college students, the school’s website states.

“They supposed to look in the room and look on the bed to make sure that that child is in her space, every hour on the hour. That’s what’s supposed to be done. But it wasn’t done. My child would be still here,” Pat noted. “I trusted them people with my child.”

According to MTO, she was bullied and called a “nerd” because she enjoyed math and science.

We cannot even imagine the pain and anger that her loved ones are experiencing right now. We are sending our condolences and prayers to Stormiyah’s friends and family members.

Crossing our fingers that justice is served and that this matter is handled appropriately and in a timely manner. 

R.I.P Stormiyah Denson-Jackson. You will be missed.

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