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‘RHOP’ Star Monique Samuels Claps Back After Ex-Friend Ashley Darby Drags Her In New Interview

Monique Samuels is in the hot seat these days too and she is not going to be quiet about it. And why should she, really? The goal is to keep people tuning in.

Well, Monique responded quickly after cast-mate Ashley Darby reportedly called her fake and snobby earlier this week.

In her new blog post on Bravo, Monique claims she was surprised at how hypocritical and phony Ashley was to her face, all while taking little digs at Monique during her “talking head” interviews.

“After seeing her interview bites, I would have rather Ashley say those exact words to me if she really meant it,” Monique penned. “She’s a self-absorbed, dysfunctional child still dealing with abandonment issues.”

“She’s so accustomed to dysfunction that she recreates it with her lies and almost pushes her friends further away from her, as if she’s already mentally prepared for their departure. She’s made plenty of mistakes and her biggest one is believing her own lies about herself and others.”


Monique then responded to Robyn Dixon’s criticism that she constantly boasts about her money, money, money.

“I’ve never commented on anything dealing with finances towards Robyn until I had an umbrella to her neck,” she also wrote. “Those comments were fueled by anger. I went for the jugular because I was upset…She constantly talks about her own finances, my finances and Karen’s taxes more than anyone else in the group.”


Anyway, Ashley and Monique are not pals at this point, by any stretch of the imagination. 

Ashley seems to believe that Monique’s recent car accident was caused by the reality star’s alcohol consumption, rather than her hectic home life (as Monique claims). She insists that Monique polished off four drinks before driving off, which Monique rebuts. 

Others have voiced concerns about this issue too, though Monique thinks that they are motivated by far from pure intentions. 

“They’re on anything I do. Like, they’re obsessed,” she previously told Andy Cohen.

“Of course not, no,” she stated, in regards to having a drinking problem. Monique has also tweeted about this situation quite a bit.

So, what do you think? Is Monique way off the page with her comments or is she absolutely right?

The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 3 airs Sundays at 8/7 p.m. CST on Bravo.

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