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FIGHT ALERT! You won't believe who 'LHH stars' Moniece & Masika Tried to Jump?!

There’s always drama to report when it comes to the “Love and Hip-Hop” franchise. 

Apparently, the Hollywood version of the series recently had an altercation between Moniece Slaughter, Masika Kalysha and a male cast member during taping.

According to sources Moniece and Masika teamed up to take down KingIKey; they attempted to attack him while filming. KingIKey is an associate of rapper Fetty Wap, who is also Masika’s baby daddy. There’s been tension between Masika and Fetty for a while, her drama with KingIKey is just another part of their dysfunctional relationship. 

After the altercation, Moniece and Masika took to social media to spill about the incident. 

Basically, Moniece went on a Twitter rant about how she’s not the one to mess with, she goes on to gloat about her ability to fight anyone, man or woman. Masika added her own comments about KingIKey, insinuating that he is desperate for fame and trying to get air-time. 

KingIKey went on Instagram to talk as sorts of smack about Masika. In so many words he calls her a whore, an opportunist, broke, and a transgender woman. He says that she’s lucky that he doesn’t disclose half of the stuff that he know’s about her and refers to her as the scum of the industry. Obviously, those weren’t his exact words since they were way more explicit; homeboy went hard.

Lawd #MasikaKalysha has made #KingIkey mad 😩 and #AlexisSky wasn’t too far away in the comments either 👀

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The drama gets even better, because Fetty Wap’s ex-girlfriend, Alexis Sky, is moving to Los Angeles and might make a couple of appearances on the show. 

Masika is aware of Alexis’ impending arrival and she isn’t at all happy about it. She doesn’t want anything to do with this, refusing to film any scenes with Alexis.

No word yet on if both KingIKey and Alexis Sky will be recurring cast members or will just make a couple of appearances here and there before going away. 

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