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Moniece Slaughter Exposes Brandy; Drags Princess Love With Reads & Receipts On Social Media — Video

It’s no secret that Moniece Slaughter has some ongoing issues with the Norwood family and viewers will see things reach a fever pitch this season on Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood.

Moniece and Princess Love has beefed for several seasons and Slaughter recently said that the reason Brandy gained so much weight was because “she was the surrogate for Princess & Ray J’s (at that time unborn) baby.

During the season finale of the Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Monday night, VH1 unleashed the extended version of the Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood trailer.

Though the clip only ran for 75 seconds, it was definitely full of drama. 

It hints at the feud we’ve watched on social media this year between Princess Love and her R&B sister-in-law Brandy. 

Also in the trailer, Moniece and a still pregnant Princess are seen facing off in a confrontation that almost turns physical. During an event where Love surprised an unsuspecting Moniece, Princess blasts her on a microphone about her “bad parenting skills.”

"Drop that demon seed," Slaughter said in the clip, to which Princess responded, "Maybe I'll show you how to be a better mother too."

Moniece then grabs a chair and can be seen being forcefully held back by (friend of the show) Misster Ray.

Take a look at the clip, below:

In an attempt to explain herself, Slaughter took to her Instagram Live to claim that Princess Love Norwood had it coming after she questioned her parenting skills.

“I knew I’d have to explain myself at some point. Princess asked for that scene. I told everybody to wait until she had the baby. I told them she’s been speaking on my son since S2 & ain’t shut up yet! I told them I didn’t trust myself to keep my hands to myself. Just because her stomach was with child didn’t mean her face was. You can’t go a whole S4 without seein me then wait til you’re pregnant to sit in my face talk [ish] about my brother and my motherhood and expect not to feel the wrath. You can’t put yourself in harms way voluntarily while w/ child and then tell me you’ll show me how to be a good mom. You can’t bash my motherhood for 3yrs and then expect me to respect yours. Rosemary and her baby were not harmed during the making of this show!”

Slaughter continued, explaining that she feels Princess owes her an apology regarding edited comments Princess made about her son with former B2K member, Lil Fizz:

“At this point. Homegirl got 2 options. Apologize for the [ish] she said on the rooftop S2 that started all this [ish]. They didn’t make the edit by the way. They edited around it and made it seem like I threw the drink on her for TT. When I really threw the drink because of the [ish] she said about me my kid and my BD. Or she can square up. I ain’t really got much more to say.”

Read her lengthy explanation, in full, below:

MonieceSlaughter has this cup of tea, Chile, and she is spillin! 👀 #PrincessLove

She also seemingly exposed Brandy for being pregnant, not with Princess and Ray’s seed—but a child of her own.

#MonieceSlaughter Claims #Brandy Gave Birth To A Baby Tonight! #LHHH 

“Praying that your baby is born healthy and strong. @4everbrandy. Sorry I didn’t make it to EMC in time to congratulate you in person,” wrote Moniece.

Brandy has long denied being pregnant and has fiercely defended her fuller figure.

Messy, messy, messy.

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood returns on Monday, July 23, on VH1.

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