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Mimi Faust Goes Ballistic On Fans Disapproving Her Relationship With WNBA Girlfriend On Instagram

Have people not figured out that she is NOT the one to come for?

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Mimi Faust is getting some grief from the internet after sharing a collage photos with her Girlfriend  in observance of National Girlfriend Day (Wednesday August 1st).

Her lady by the way is Tamera Young  - a 6’2” guard for the Las Vegas Aces of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). 

In addition to the shared images, Mimi’s caption read, “#NationalGirlfriendDay #LoveWins #WCE.”

While many celebrated the seemingly happy couple’s relationship, a few homophobes attempted to shame the reality starlet for living in her truth.

" have a daughter get your mind right...," one bothered follower wrote in the comments.

Mimi responded directly to shade writing, "First of all Spell my name Correctly for [sic] you start crazy on my page..., 2nd mind ya business [expletive]."

#NationalGirlfriendDay #WCE #LoveWins 💜💜

After further scan of the comments, another people used the Holy Bible in an attempt to tear down Mimi and Tamera's relationship, but the WNBA star stopped her and hit her with an on-point read.

"It's amazing how people can quote the Bible or speak on what God says or wants when it pertains to someone else but not their own life," Tamera wrote. "I know you don't live a perfect life. The BIBLE also says Luke 6:37 -  Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven: so here coming from a child of God who loves Mimi she doesn't need your Bible quotes I can read her mine."

*sips tea*

Peep the exchange, below (Scroll left to see it all):

#TSRClapbackSeason: #MiMiFaust and #TameraYoung vs some non-fans 👀 (SWIPE)

Mimi introduced Tamera to social media in 2017 and introduced their romance to the viewers of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta during its seventh season.

The reality star opened up about their courtship a while back to Rolling Out.

Upon being asked, "What can you tell us about Tamera that we probably wouldn’t know?", she replied that "Ty is super shy. I mean, super shy." 

Tamera also gushed over her lady love, stating, "[Mimi] has the biggest heart. She’s a great woman and sometimes I feel like she’s maybe too nice."

Mimi once responded to rude comments about her sexual orientation; "In [today's world] we should not be using gay and lesbian as a way to degrade someone. Someone’s sexuality is not a reflection of their character and more importantly what type of parent they are. … We should continue the strides we have made over the last 50+ years and allow people to be who they are."

Mimi has already explained that she doesn't like to be called labeled a gay woman, explaining, "I wouldn’t necessarily say that I’m gay. I like people — I like personalities and I’m attracted to who I’m attracted to."

What do you think of Mimi And Tamera’s clap backs?

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