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Report: Man Charged With Homicide In Shooting Death Of Ex-Girlfriend, Who Was Still In High School

On Tuesday, March 27, a 19-year-old man turned himself in to police, in connection with the shooting death of 18-year-old Kiara Brown.

The shooting occurred a day earlier, near 98th and Carmen.

Oddly enough, police are not releasing the suspect’s name at this point in time, as he has not been charged. Family members say he’s an ex-boyfriend; someone she had not talked to in a while, at that.

However, according to a source, his name is Marvin Patterson.

“It was out of the blue. She didn’t plan on heading anywhere. She thought she was going to come out and go back in and he drove off like — ‘you’re coming with me.’ Why? Why? I’ve got so much anger in me now. It hurts so bad,” Kenisha Brown, Kiara’s mother, explained.

Officers were dispatched to the shooting scene around 5:30 AM on Monday. Police says she was shot inside a vehicle and died from her injuries.

Those who knew and adored the teen say she was a hard-working and fun-loving girl, who was thriving at Vincent High School. 

“That was my oldest and that was my heart,” said Kenisha Brown.

“That was my first grandchild,” Gwen Perry, Kiara’s grandmother, shared.

“Kiara was my best friend. My only best friend for eight years. I’m about to graduate for her — go to prom for her. I’m going to live my life for her, and she will always live on in my soul,” Carissa Bonds noted.

She was set to graduate from Vincent High School this spring. She had dreams of becoming a model and artist.

A GoFundMe.com account has been set up in Kiara Brown’s honor. 

So sad and tragic. We hope that her loved ones get the justice and the answers they deserve. And may Kiara rest in peace.

A man was accused of shooting his ex-girlfriend four times, after he showed up on the porch of her East Side home asking to talk with her at 2 AM.

A first-degree felonious assault warrant was issued for the arrest of 34-year-old Demetrius Matthews. 

She stepped outside on the porch to engage Matthews in conversation. In the middle of the chat, he pulled out a gun and shot her four times.

The 40-year-old victim suffered two gunshot wounds to her abdomen, one to her thigh and one to the back of her head.

According to the police report, investigators discovered part of a bullet stuck in the front door and hospital staff found another bullet still lodged inside the woman’s body.

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