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Report: Middle School Teacher's Aide Arrested For Soliciting Explicit Photos And Requesting Sexual Acts From Underage Girls

It’s really getting to the point where you can’t trust your kids at school with their teachers anymore.

A 24-year-old teacher’s aide at a Tampa middle school was arrested and is facing charges after asking for nude photos and wanting to meet up for sex with underage girls from the school. 

Quinton Bradford, a teacher’s aide at Buchanan Middle School, was arrested Monday after admitting to soliciting explicit photographs from two underage girls. He was released from Hillsborough County jail after posting $30,000 bail.

The teacher's aide contacted two 13-year-old girls through Instagram, where he requested and received sexually explicit photographs from the girls. 

Police were alerted about the situation after being called to the school about inappropriate photos of Bradford circulating among students. The images were reportedly from his Instagram account.

During the investigation, they discovered Bradford’s improper communication with the underage girls.

He was arrested at the school following an interview with police. Bradford admitted to asking the girls for the photos knowing the students were underage.

Detectives revealed that Bradford first made contact with the girls through their Instagram accounts to gain their trust. Per the detectives, the conversation would eventually escalate to Bradford asking for nude photos and him telling of the victims he wanted to meet her so he could touch her and have sex with her.

Bradford reportedly sent on 13-year-old student a direct message admiring her looks. He then asked the student for nude photographs.

Bradford asked to meet the victim in person "so he could rub on her buttocks," according to the affidavit. He also asked the victim to meet up with him on the weekend so they could engage in sexual intercourse.

He was arrested and charged with four counts of Soliciting a Child for Unlawful Sexual Conduct Using Computer.

Detectives are not currently aware of any other victims, however, the sheriff’s office encourages anyone who may have been a victim or anyone with additional information to call the agency at (813)-247-8200.

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