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Memphitz Shades K. Michelle & Her Fans Amid LeSean McCoy Accusations — Receipts Inside

One of the hot topics on social media lately focuses on Buffalo Bills Running Back LeSean McCoy. 

The NFL star has been accused of putting hands on his estranged girlfriend and baby’s mother Delicia Cordon amid his ongoing efforts to evict her from his Georgia mansion, according to the woman’s lawyer. 

He also allegedly put hands on their son and dog. The alleged photos have gone viral and too gruesome for us to get to right now. 

Amid this shocking story, producer Mickey “Memphitz” Wright Jr. took to social media to express his opinion on this viral story, seeing as he knows Ms. Cordon personally. But, did his commentary throw direct shade at K. Michelle? 

Previously on the first season of Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta, K Michelle infamously accused Memphitz of putting hands on her during their relationship. She also accused him of embezzling money (and I mean a lot of money) from her. 

Many of her co-stars refused to believe K. Michelle allegations as she broke down in tears, one of her non-believers was Rasheeda. 

"The Boss Chick" coldly let the R&B singer know that she didn't believe her.

PressPlay Looks like #KMichelle is still waiting on her apology from #Rasheeda 👀

Memphitz denied the claims and maintained his innocence for the longest. The rapper even tried to sue K. Michelle, Love & Hip Hop creator Mona Scott-Young and Viacom (Parent company of VH1); however the case was ultimately thrown out.

After his divorce from Toya Wright, He appeared on Iyanla: Fix My Life and explained how K. Michelle ruined his life, although he didn’t use her name specifically. 

“I just got all of this stuff going on, and then all of a sudden I was lied on,” he said in the conversation with Iyanla. Memphitz had previously admitted to drug use and was explaining that he believed the music industry shunned him, causing him to lose himself a long time ago. “My ex-girlfriend ruined my life because I simply didn't want to be with this person.”

Celebrity Insider reports: “In the last season, K. Michelle was in; she went to visit RASHEEDA, everything was okay. RASHEEDA explained how she was both K and Memphitz friend and how she didn’t know what to believe and told K. To her face that she didn’t think her own best friend got [them hands put on her] by the dude. Smh, it was a cringing scene to see because K Michelle’s anger and hurt was felt through the screen. And the Memphitz went on a few months later in an Interview, admitting he did abuse K. Michelle.”

As mentioned, Memphitz went to the gram to talk about his friend Delicia Cordon and managed to throw shade at K. Michelle and her friends in one swoop. 

Posting pictures of Delicia’s abused face, he wrote: “Idc what happened. This is some of the sickest [expletive] I’ve ever seen & it’s [expletive] up that some [expletive] think this [expletive] is the answer to anything with a woman. I wish my friend @msdecordon a speedy recovery. I’m so sorry this happened to you Beautiful One. (I’ll sacrifice myself to the fake [expletive] story comments that mock the millions of women that sctually go thru this & have the scars to prove it) #GodSpeed Reality vs Tv.” 

What’s your opinion? Is he flat-out calling K. Michelle a liar in the same breath as he’s wishing a speedy recovery to a survivor of a domestic incident?

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