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Porsha Williams Reveals She's Happily Coupled Up And The Internet Has Already Figured Out With Whom

Finally we know now who Porsha Williams’ secret boyfriend is! 

It wasn’t long ago that Porsha was joking about being single forever and growing old to be a “single cat lady”. (Yeah, like we really believed that). 

“And that’s how it happens, it’s always when you’re not looking anymore.  It’s when you go ahead and give up … I stopped looking, and he arrived. I gave up, honey, and bought cats online. They on the way, Ima have to cancel the order. I was ready to just let it go,” she joked during a hosting gig.

Fast forward to the last few weeks as The Real Housewives of Atlanta star has been hinting that she not only has a new man in her life but that she is crazy in love with him.

It was only a matter of time before the internet pieced everything together and after some tattoo matching, new reports reveal who she’s dating.

After some digging, new reports circulate on the internet that Porsha’s new man is Dennis Mckinley – A very successful businessman.  

Meet Porsha’s new man below (Swipe left to see the photos):

We found out who’s #porshawilliams new bae.. his name is #dennismckinley he an entrepreneur #gossiptwins

After the RHOA star posted multiple videos and photos mentioning her having a new love, Tea Tenders and Gossipinthecity confirmed Dennis’ identity. 

❣️He Said he like it red #BloodyMoves #DM❤️

The reality star has been signing many of her posts #DM which allegedly stands for Dennis McKinley.

I love sending the RONIs on these scavenger hunts 😩😆 It appears #Porsha is daring someone who she refers to as “DM”, Dennis McKinley....and he’s got some legal history with #ToyaWright 👀 #TeaTENDERS

Tea Tenders report that Dennis is an entrepreneur that started a weave company. If you take a look at his personal profile (@workwincelebrate) that is currently set to private, it says he has businesses throughout Detroit and Atlanta including The Original Hot Dog Factory, Cru Hookah Lounge, and Daydream Hookah Lounge.

Dennis includes a website in his Instagram bio that describes McKinley’s company by saying: “We look for entrepreneurs with great ideas/who are in idea phase/early stage growth & in industries with heavy competition that can be disrupted simply.”

This reveals comes weeks after reports circulated that Porsha’s mystery man was her Dish Nation co-star Rickey Smiley.

The site continued, "And Ricky's been pretty open that he's interested in dating Porsha. He went on Andy Cohen's WWHL and basically said that he's interested in her."

MTO claimed the pair went on several dates earlier this year and are now actually in a relationship.

The site even claims Porsha's friend confirmed the romance. Their alleged source stated, "They're in a relationship. I'm talking LOVE and all that. Ricky even agreed to go on camera as her boyfriend on the new season of Housewives."

Smiley replied to the story by stating "If MTO wanted to talk to me I am at 107.9 everyday. 101 Marietta St. 12th floor in Atlanta. This is why I refuse to attend any events in Atlanta. Anything you do anybody you take a picture with you’re in blogs. You’re either coupled up; if you take a picture with a man, now you are gay; take a picture with a woman and you with her; take a picture with a program director and you about to leave your station and go to his station; take a picture with a little person then you obsessed with little people. What they don’t understand it takes an effect on people’s lives when you put out things that are simply not true."

Do you think Porsha and Dennis make a good match?

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