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Meek Mill Has A Petty Reaction To Nicki Minaj's New Relationship With Formula One Racing Boyfriend

Smh... this is messy.

Nicki Minaj recently shared that she felt her dynamic with Meek Mill was far from healthy, saying, "I was in a relationship with Meek for a while, which ended, and it was a very toxic something […] But we had some good times and we ended that."

“They both have similar pasts, so they hit it off. But Nicki is no longer in a ‘hood mentality’ and Meek is. One day he’ll grow up and maybe they’ll get back together,” a source explained, not long after Meek and Nicki called it quits.

Well, Meek is now bashing the female rapper’s new rumored boyfriend, Formula One racing star Lewis Hamilton.  

It seems as though Nicki started publicly hanging out with Lewis during NY Fashion Week…and they have supposedly been an item ever since.

The pair jetted off to Milan and are now spending time side-by-side in Dubai. Guess who is not thrilled about this romantic development?

Meek posted a very jealous-sounding post on social media recently, referencing Nicki and Lewis’ newly-kicked off relationship. 

He claims Nicki likes "thugs" and could never settle down with a clean-cut man like Lewis.

Meek and Nicki dated for around two years from early 2015; rumors of Nicki and Lewis dating surfaced a few weeks ago but got stronger recently when the pair zoomed off to Abu Dhabi together. 

Since they began their holiday, Lewis has appeared in a few of Nicki’s Instagram stories, speaking from behind the camera and appearing in a couple of her images.

Earlier this month, Nicki attended Lewis’ NYFW Tommy Hilfiger show and posed with him for photographs. Later, the pair headed out to the after-party together.

Lewis has also been liking a few of Nicki’s posts on the social media too. She confirmed to Ellen DeGeneres a couple of weeks ago that she does indeed have a new special someone in her life.


“It’s early days for Nicki and Lewis, so she doesn’t want to jinx anything by saying they’re dating, but they’re getting close. There was an instant attraction between them the first moment they met, but neither of them wanted to jump straight into anything serious, so they’ve been taking their time and getting to know each other,” an insider already dished.

"Nicki is super into Lewis though, she adores his cute accent and loves how successful and confident he is. Lewis has definitely got enough swagger to keep Nicki interested, now it’s just a case of them making the time to be together as they both have crazy insane schedules"

However, "Lewis likes his freedom and loves to date beautiful women."

Yup. So, do you think Nicki will be bothered by Meek’s diss? 

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