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Former NBA Baller Matt Barnes Just Got Really Petty With An Instagram Post About His Ex-Wife Gloria Govan & Their Kids

Laura Govan isn’t the only Goven sibling whose name is in the headlines this week as Matt Barnes couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be super petty towards his ex-wife Gloria Govan – especially since she’s dating his ex-teammate Derek Fisher.

Gloria shared a family photo on Instagram included herself, Fisher, the twin sons she shares with Barnes, Isaiah and Carter, and many more of her family members. 

Once the former NBA Baller learned of his ex’s post and an Instagram Troll dragging her and the family, Matt Barnes couldn’t pass up this opportunity to chime on in.

A keyboard warrior decided to try to rile up some attention and made a rude comment, Matt responded to this, writing, "leave my kids out of it ... everyone else [shrug emoji]."

While We definitely agree with Matt to leave his kids out of it, the recently retired NBA star just couldn't resist getting petty on Govan, Derek Fisher and everyone else in the picture.

From mine to yours. Wishing you all the merriest of Christmas’s 🎅🏾🎁🎄🤗

Captured by  The Shade Room below.

For the record, Gloria and Matt separated in 2014, after being married for almost two years. The split was not nice at all. The two have since often quarreled publicly. 

Last year, he took her to task for allegedly preventing him from spending time with their children. Oh and that whole back-and-forth argument had been spinning around for some time.
It's been nearly a month since I've been allowed to see you guys.. love & miss you guys to death, hope to see you soon!! Daddy loves you

He also once shared a video of himself claiming that he had not been “allowed” to see his sons for over a month and aired some dirty digs back in September, posting “I give you MORE than enough money per/month to maintain your life style & for you & those boys to have whatever you want & do whatever you want … Even after you showed the world your foul ways!! Now your telling me if I don’t pay an invoice I had absolutely nothing to do with, I can’t see my kinds…#DopeMom #choosewiselyfellas”.

So…who knows? Doubt these two will be able to sort it out and stop acting pettily towards one another in the near future. Hope they can learn to shelve it though, if only for the sake of their twins.

It is perhaps worth noting that Laura and Gloria do not seem to be all too buddy-buddy either, by the way.

Laura explained this during an interview with Glo on the Domenick Nati Show a while back.

Those #GovanSisters 😍😍👋👋
"We really don’t have much of a sister relationship. But here’s how we work, we keep it really tight for our children…Our kids play together all the time. They love each other. I think we’ll keep it at that, for the meantime."

Everyone probably knows why this is supposedly the case though, right?

So, you know, we imagine that neither will be sending consolatory messages for all the respective messiness to one another. 

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