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Just Weeks After Getting Engaged, Gloria Govan Is Now Suing Ex-Husband Matt Barnes Over These Alleged "Lies" — Receipts Inside

It was all good about a week ago…

Gloria Govan, who recently announced her engagement to Derek Fisher, is suing her former husband Matt Barnes for defamation. The move comes after Barnes accused Govan of stealing money during their marriage.

In court documents, Govan said that during her marriage they had joint bank accounts and property and lived together raising their twin sons.

The former "Basketball Wives" star stated her income came from reality television and that her ability to make money was tied to her reputation.

She claims that Barnes has made demeaning and false statements about her to the media following their messy divorce and custody battle. 

She cites Barnes claiming on social media that she embezzled money from their joint bank accounts in order to buy her family homes. He also reportedly accused her of making fraudulent transactions and of forging his name on lease documents.

The former NBA star also claimed Govan kept him from seeing their two sons and misused his child support payments.

Govan claims Barnes' comments have hurt her reputation, causing her mental pain and suffering, along with lost business opportunities.

She is suing for unspecified damages for the embarrassment, humiliation, and harm to her reputation.

Barnes responded to the lawsuit and requested that the lawsuit be tossed out. He argued that she chose to be on reality television and invited the discussion of their issues to the public. He adds that his comments were simply his opinion and not defamatory.

Govan's defamation lawsuit was filed as part of an ongoing legal battle. In 2015, a man named Peter Choy sued Matt and Gloria’s brother, Lonnie Govan. He claimed the pair leased a property from him in Oakland, California to open a nightclub named E One Entertainment, which is now closed.

Choy is suing for $546,000 in unpaid rent from 2014-2016 and further damages.

Barnes denied Choy's allegations and filed a counter-suit against Govan, her brother Lonnie and Gloria's parents. 

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He accused them of forging his name on the lease and claims they committed fraud by transferring money from his accounts to a private bank account during their marriage.

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Barnes sued for unspecified damages and asks that the Govan family be held liable for any possible damages.

Gloria denied committing fraud and hit back at his claims that she lied about the lease. 

Barnes and Govan were together from 2006 until 2016. They have twin boys from the marriage.

Govan recently became engaged to ex-NBA star Derek Fisher, Barnes' former teammate.

 The drama between Gloria and Matt appeared to have died down. Matt even congratulated the couple on their engagement.

#MattBarnes said it’s all good with him and his ex wife and ex team mate #DerekFisher and #GloriaGovan on their engagement.

However, things are getting messy yet again!

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