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Matt Barnes Reacts After Victory In Court Against Ex Wife Gloria Govan... And It Was Petty & Savage

Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan's legal battle over money and custody of their two children is seemingly over. But we’d wager that the two will be back to their bickering ways soon.

Oh, scratch that. It’s already happening. Probably.

Matt took to Instagram to celebrate the end of his day in court with his once-wife and delivered some truths about divorce, custody battles and mega messy relationships. He kicked it off by complaining about being cooped up in court all. "I've been in court all [expletive] day, man. 7:30 to 4:20. There's two things in life that don't lie: That ball and court." 

Then, he posted a video of him lip syncing to Jay-Z's "Guilty Until Proven Innocent" featuring R. Kelly. Pretty clear message there, eh? 

"This [expletive] been going on for damn near four years now, man. I'm tired of it. I know y'all are tired of it. But y'all don't know what kind of [expletive] this girl is on, man. All these mother [expletive] lies and allegations and trying to throw dirt on my name and doing all that [expletive] man, but it all caught up today, man."

He then brings up Gloria's sister Laura and her relationship with Gilbert Arenas and draws similarities between their dynamics. Obviously, he feels that the Govan women have a history of problems with men.

Matt then offered up some advice for his ex, saying, "How about get a [expletive] job? Make your own money. Straight up."

He insists he doesn’t care about the cash component though. "I was gonna make it back anyway. It's always been about the kids to me." 

Ready for another gem he threw out for young athletes, rappers and entertainers? "Prenups, good decisions, make sure your [expletive] is tightened up, and you still might get [expletive]."

Hm. He then hinted on Instagram that this might not be the end, though, writing, "Be on the lookout for some more lies, coming to a blog near you!!!!"

Shockingly, Gloria has yet to comment.
And just like that another school year has come and gone 😫 Soon to be 4th graders 🙆🏽‍♀️ #lastdayofschool #summer #notready #growinguptoofast #momlife @thebarnesboys love you 😍

The Blast actually recently reported on Gloria stating in the court documents that Matt put his hands on her in front of their twin boys. She claimed Matt was a danger to the kids and included a deposition from August 2017 where, under oath, she said that he slapped her with the back of his hand while they were driving in 2014. 

Gloria and Matt separated in 2014, after two years of being husband and wife.

Last year, he accused her of keeping him away from their kids and…there is so much more messiness. Tiring. 

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