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Masika Kalysha Has Words To Get Off Her Chest About VH1 & Hazel-E Amidst Exit From ‘Love & Hip Hop’

Did anyone really think Masika would make a gracious exit on her way over to Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta?

Like her or not, she speaks her mind.

Episode 3 of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 5 hasn’t even aired, but it seems like viewers are already missing Masika Kalysha. Well, the opinionated diva finally decided to respond to all of the comments and messages she's been receiving.

“I left by choice... I fought my way out because I needed to leave. Not everyone is treated like I was. Not everyone is set up like I was. Plotted against, used & sabotaged like I was. Some people are happy there & I wish them continued success but I have to follow my own path,” she tweeted.

Last season, Masika tried to stay out of drama after realizing she needed to set a good example for her daughter, but ultimately ended up fighting Hazel. (Masika was furious when Hazel spoke about the toddler and pulled the rapper off stage and began attacking her.)

When one fan revealed she was disappointed she wouldn’t get to see Masika take action against Hazel in Season 5, Masika explained she only became violent because she was defending her child.

“I don’t behave like that normally! But once you come against my child, & make up negative, vile, harmful things about MY BABY I go for blood EVERYTIME I SEE YOU until you apologize and I feel like it’s sufficient,” she replied.

Hazel previously revealed she was fired from Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood in October 2017.

At the time, the network claimed they didn’t plan on renewing her contract. But a source dished to TMZ that Hazel was convinced she was let go due to some controversial comments she made on social media.

"I didn't like the way I was being portrayed. I didn't like the situations I was being put in. It ended up being a lot of situations that in my real life would never occur," Masika also recently told The Shade Room.

"They edited it [a scene of her discussing a previous miscarriage] out and my PR person asked them why and they said legal purposes... Anything that was positive or family oriented was taken away and replaced with things that weren’t going on in my everyday life so that was my final straw."

TSR Staff: Kyle Anfernee Instagram: @Kyle.Anfernee Okay #Roommates, most of y’all know Masika won’t be returning to “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” this season, but sis got on IG Live with me to spill the real tea about why she chose to walk away. She also opened up about her past as a video vixen girl and how they helped shape hip hop. Masika said her decision to leave #LHH wasn’t a mutual decision, but thanks to a good lawyer, she was able to get out of her contract and join the cast of #GUHH.

Do you think Masika's choice to move to another reality televion show was a good call?

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