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‘LHHH’ Star Masika Gets Into Instagram Beef With Matt Barnes And He Put Her In Her Place Quickly — Receipts Inside

"Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" star Masika Kalysha always seems to be embroiled in some type of drama on social media. The reality star tried to shade Matt Barnes by referring to him as a "fan." However, the basketball star put the troublemaker right back in her place!

The "Love & Hip Hop" star shared a photo to her Instagram account of herself posing with Barnes. Masika attempted to be cute by writing in the caption, "I took a picture with a fan ... I forgot to get his name."

A follower called her out for pretending she didn't know Barnes. They wrote, "You the fan sis he's a b ball player but you already knew that." 

Kalysha responding by writing, "Most of my fans are ball players sis but you already knew that suga."

#MattBarnes had time today 😩😩😂 I think she was playing 😩

Barnes obviously caught wind of the reality star's post. He hopped into the comments section to write, "Ima fan...? Buuuuut you posted the photo YOU asked to take?? Interesting."

Masika then tried to play it off like she was joking, before taking a jab at Matt.

The reality star wrote, "@matt_barnes9 soooo you text me, then leave this comment on my page...well like I said in my test obviously I was joking Mr. Barnes. How could I possibly forget your name after aaaalllll that you've put me through. Ha! Don't be sensitive boo. Usually your sense of humor is much better considering all the jokes you act out in real life silly. We both know you're the comedian here."

#Masikia has a few words for #MattBarnes 😩

The pair apparently also exchanged text messages. The "LHHNY" star remarked that the basketball star was "making it look scripted." She went on to explain that she was simply joking and didn't mean to hurt his feelings. 

Barnes responded by stating he doesn't understand why she feels like she can play with him in that manner. 

Masika and Matt then argued back and forth about which one of them made the other look stupid. They both are looking pretty stupid at this point, but Kalysha started it as usual!

There were rumors back in 2015 that Masika had hooked up with the NBA star following her split from Yung Berg. A fan wrote in to TheShaderoom to report seeing the reality star getting into the athlete's car.

Couple shots from @valaslosangeles fall campaign!! S/O my guy @brandwills for always being on point! Buuuuut ion know bout this hat bro!! Haha

"I just SEENT #MasikaKalysha get in #MattBarnes matte black s series (Benz) after leaving #PenthouseSunday. Fact, not rumor," the site wrote.

I just SEENT #MasikaKalysha get in #MattBarnes matte black s series (Benz) after leaving #PenthouseSunday 😩 . Fact, not rumor! 💁

Barnes is just the latest celebrity Masika has feuded with on social media. The reality star recently got into a war of words with rappers Dave East and Nipsey Hussle.

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