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Masika Kalysha Is Mad After The Internet Figures Out Who Her Secret NFL Baller Bae Is — Photos

Masika Kalysha has a new special someone…

…and it’s apparent that she is soooo over her rapping baby daddy Fetty Wap!

The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star partied it up on her birthday out in Los Angeles and fans and followers couldn’t help but notice that there was a man in the mix. 

In a set of photos that she posted on Instagram, she is seen holding hands with this man, and in another pic, she blurred his face out as he kisses her on the cheek.

Masika also cropped this tall stallion out of pictures before the party!

Even though Masika made it a point not to identify or tag him in the snaps she splashed around online, it didn't take long for the Internet to find him. Especially after the secret man posted a picture to his Instagram story of him and the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star. 

Masika’s secret bae is Los Angeles Chargers backup quarterback Geno Smith!

Looks like the new couple is pretty happy already.
Birthday Glam straight from the Cam 😍 Hair @dsalterbeauty Makeup @juanice.mua Slip dress @dolcegabbana Swipe 👈🏽 (Yes I’m petty for that 3rd slide 💁🏽‍♀️)

Masika wasn’t happy about all the sleuthing by the internet though to find out her new man was and went off on a little Twitter tirade.

"Smfh y’all talk so much [expletive] b/c I don’t share [expletive]. I try 2 share parts of my bday wit y’all & y’all wanna do a [expletive] Fbi investigation to figure out some [expletive] & you wonder why a [expletive] keeps her private life private. Y’all ruin everything, blowup everything, make up everything".

"I don’t need validation from strangers to know my worth as a woman. Y’all put so much value on a public persona it’s sad. B/c I don’t post pictures with men y’all dumb [expletive] really be believing that there’s not a line of your mcm’s wrapped around the building waitin on a chance,” she continued. "& I say that in the humblest way possible. I don’t need nor do I want the attention. I’d much rather y’all trolls keep thinking I’m obsessed wit a [expetive] that won’t leave me alone or think that I’m over here sad & Lonely with no one to love me. Y’alls 2 favorite fairy tails".

"Welp y’all thought I was low before... I’m bout to be invisible."

"I’m going private and I ain’t sharing [expletive] wit y’all. I won’t post a [expletive] shoe lace ever again. Leave me tf alone".

We’ll see about that. 

When you on FaceTime and you know he lyin 😂 . Tag who you think I was talking to. Anyone gets it right imma FaceTime you. But no ones gonna get it right lol

As for her love life being on public display, Masika recently made some interesting claims, penning, “You’d be surprised. I’ve privately dated very public men & I go to public places. Most paps r white & a lot of them don’t know the difference between a basketball wife & a soccer mom. Plus the blogs r so busy tryna get y’all to believe a lie y’all don’t pay actually pay attention".

Well, best of luck to Masika and Geno. They are actually kind of adorable together, right?

The other day, Masika actually had a nice moment with her birthday twin/baby daddy Fetty Wap though. 

Sooooooo, what do you think? How will Masika do as a “Sunbeam?”

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