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Masika Kalysha Claims Victory In Reportedly Getting Alexis Skyy Fired From "Love & Hip Hop" + Alexis Responds

Alexis Skyy and Masika Kalysha do not get along. Even off-camera.

Masika even supposedly refused to film with Alexis at one point, so there is that too. Our point is that we actually buy that this isn’t just manufactured drama for the sake of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood ratings.

Oh and their social media feuding is pretty legendary. So much back and forth over ridiculous nonsense.

Now that many are muttering that Alexis is not returning to the show, Masika has hopped on up and took credit for this alleged development.

recently reported on this rumor and Masika already claimed victory on Twitter. 

"ddddid iiiii doooo that? **urkle [sic] voice** see what happens when u stalk & harass me every day of your miserable life just to get on the show I been on for 4 years?"

The site later followed up on the story, sharing that they had spoken with Alexis; it was completely made up.

@masikakalysha response to article about @alexisskyy_ not returning to #LoveAndHipHopHollywood. We spoke to Alexis & she said that the non factor blog made up the story👀
As you likely already know, Alexis is reportedly expecting a baby with Fetty Wap (surprise, surprise). It’s a girllllll!

This has really riled up Masika. 

She previously sort of tried to beat Alexis to the announcement punch, tweeting, “Spoiler alert Abuick Dirt is planning a BIG REVEAL at the reunion 😳she's gonna shock me by saying she's pregnant wit waps 27th child 😳egad!” and “& I'll run off the stage crying & everyone will clutch their pearls & the world will care & she will hope for a season 5 contract 😳😩😂”.

She has since dished out some rude comments about the unborn bundle of joy. She went on and on over on Instagram, insisting that she found the situation hilarious, before adding that the child was a "thot revenge baby."

Oh and she later told Hollywood Unlocked that their kids can only play together if….you know what? We will let Masika handle this one.

“First of all, there’s about 35 people that need to be DNA tested, once that process is done, then come back and holla at me.”

More to come on this front, we are positive. Stick around!

In other Masika, news, did you catch all that chauffeur stuff from the other day? Wild!

“ I OWN THE COMPANY, NOBODY CAN FIRE ME !! AS THE OWNER I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO SECURE A METHOD OF PAYMENT FOR SERVICES RENDERED PRIOR TO. #Masika from #loveandhiphopHollywood said directly to me take me home and that I did. Then she became irate and disrespectful. #hollywood #losangeles #realitytv #chauffeurs #respect #luxurysuv #theshaderoom #blackownedbusiness #whotel #whotelhollywood #whollywood #luxurycarservice

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