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HIV Positive High School Track Coach Sentenced After Pleading Guilty To Sexually Abusing 42 Male Students And Child Pornography

Carlos DeAngelo Bell, a former Maryland middle school aide and high school track coach, has been sentenced to 105 years in prison on federal child pornography charges.

Bell, of Waldorf, Maryland, was sentenced on Tuesday by a judge who told Bell his young victims would face a life of consequences "from someone they had every right to trust."

Carlos appeared in a Greenbelt courtroom on Tuesday where he told the judge he was sorry for his actions. 

"Carlos did, in fact, apologize to the victims' families and it was very important for him to do that and he wanted to make sure that they understood he was very sorry about what happened," Bell's defense attorney James Crawford said. "I also explained to Judge Grim that this young man (Carlos Bell) had been abused in many, many ways, including physically, psychologically and sexually since he was a young kid. It started with pornography at 7 or 8 years of age and there is no question that this was a situation where what happened to him was mirrored in many ways as what he did as an adult."

Bell, 30, pled guilty in January to 10 counts of sexually assaulting minors to create child pornography. 

The crimes happened between 2014 and 2016 while Bell worked as an instructional assistant in Charles County Public Schools and as a coach at a county high school.

Bell also faced 27 counts in state court which included sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of minors. 

The former school aide took a plea deal in state court that allowed him to face a maximum of 190 years in prison. The victims were spared from having to testify after Bell pleaded guilty to the state counts against him. 

He was originally indicted with 206 state sex offense counts against 42 minors between the ages of 11 and 17.
Carlos Bell is a different kind of animal. This man has been officially charged with 206 counts of sexual assaults. All on minors! ___________________ . 28 victims have been identified and 14 are unidentified, with all of the assaults happening between May 2015 and June of 2017. ___________________ . Bell wasn’t even a teacher at the Middle school. He was employed as an instructional assistant at one Middle School (Benjamin Stoddert Middle School) and a track coach at another High School (La Plata High School). ___________________ . After a parent found some inappropriate texts on her son’s cell phone, she called authorities and the police conducted an investigation. This led them to Carlos Bell. A search on his work computer did not reveal anything however when they looked at his personal computer, they found not only child porn but also images of Bell himself, in a classroom having sex with a boy. ___________________ . That then lead them down the path of discovering what authorities hope are ALL the other cases; however realistically there are probably more out there. ___________________ . The Charles County Superintendent Kimberly Hill released a statement, ___________________ . “In an organization that is all about our children, these allegations are horrifying. To our parents and our community, who put their faith and trust in us to safeguard their children, I apologize on behalf of Charles County Public Schools.” ___________________ . You apologize?? Apologize?? ___________________ . Authorities stated Bell sexually abused his victims at Benjamin Stoddert Middle School, at his home and possibly at other locations. Bell sexually assaulted students while not wearing protection, It has not been made clear if any of the victims have contracted HIV. ___________________ . According the State’s Attorney’s officials, a trial on Bell’s charges is scheduled for Jan. 8, 2018. He is currently being held without bond. ___________________ . I’m sure that he will be more then dealt with in prison, however I’m not sure what the price is to pay for ruining 42 lives….and counting. ___________________ . click #tvsmackdaily for today's stories

Bell, who is HIV-positive, also pled guilty to state charges of attempted transmission of HIV, but thankfully investigators don't believe any of the victims were infected. 

Court documents show that some of the crimes took place on school grounds while others took place at Bell’s home. 

He was removed from his job at the school after allegations first surfaced in 2016. He was taken into custody last year and was charged in July of 2017 after police learned he sexually assaulted several students and used those assaults to create child pornography.

Charles County Public School superintendent, Kimberly Hill said last year, "In an organization that is all about children, these allegations are horrifying. To our parents and our community, who put their faith and trust in us to safeguard their children, I apologize on behalf of Charles County Public Schools. Student safety is job one, and clearly, we have work to do to make sure that this will never happen again."

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