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4-Year-Old Girl Saved Her Life By Pretending To Sleep While Her Father Shoots Fiancée, 15-Year-Old Son & Himself

Detectives are investigating a murder-suicide in the Missouri city of Bellefontaine, after a man called 911 and told police they would find three bodies. A four-year-old girl made it out alive by pretending she was sleeping.

Katrina Banks, 31, was found dead along with her son Kevin Johnson, 15, inside their Missouri home about midnight Thursday.

A man, identified as Dornubari Dugbor, 31, was also found dead with a self inflicted gunshot wound.

Dugbor and Banks were engaged and were planning to get married in January. 

Police are unsure of the motive and there were no mental health issues known or previous disputes between the couple. 

The child first heard gun shots and went into the living room, finding her mother on the floor. Dugbor reportedly told her to go back to her room, which she did. She heard several shots fired after that.

Police received a 911 call at 11.50 pm on Thursday from a cellphone. The male caller refused to provide his name. He gave police the address to the home and told them that they would find three bodies inside.

Dugbor was found dead bent over on the couch with his cellphone in hand and a 9mm semiautomatic pistol in his lap. 

Police believe that Dugbor put the pistol under his chin and pulled the trigger, killing himself.

Banks lived at the home, located on 1200 block of Hoyt Drive with Johnson. 

Neighbors reported seeing the little girl at the home occasionally playing outside and was aware that the man sometimes stayed there. He also had a home in St. Louis.

Police believe that Banks was shot in the living room and that her son was shot when he heard the shots ring out. He made it to the hallway before succumbing to his wounds and dying.

A source said of the couple, "The girlfriend and boyfriend, they were recently engaged in January. We know they had some kind of relationship for the past four years because the 4-year-old was a child in common."

The little girl was not harmed, but she was taken to the hospital for an evaluation.

The insider said, "She was close enough to the event where she heard the gunshots and heard other scuffles and talk during the event and (I) would imagine a 4-year-old is going to be scared from this type of event. I feel for her greatly."

Katrice Noble, deputy director at Lift for Life Academy, said she first met Banks when Banks was a ninth grader and Noble was an administrator at the Roosevelt ninth-grade center.

"She was the top student in her class," Noble recalls. "She had that spunk. Very vibrant. Loved by her peers and teachers."

In high school, Banks would become pregnant and give birth to her son. When the boy was 8, Banks reconnected with Noble when she began attending her church in St. Charles County. 

Banks was a volunteer secretary at the church and Noble would give her rides from church to her home in St. Louis.

"She was destined to do great things," Noble said of Banks. "An all-around good person."

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