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Report: New Orleans Parolee Arrested For Fatally Beating The Mother Of His Young Sons

A Louisiana father has been charged with beating the mother of his two sons to death after accusing her of sleeping with another man.

Alex Sanders, 38, was charged with second-degree murder Monday after 37-year-old Amy Cancienne was found dead inside his home in the New Orleans suburb of Kenner last month. Sanders first suggested Cancienne died of a drug overdose.

Sanders reported beat Cancienne in the backyard of their home the night before she died, leaving her with a lacerated liver that led to her death.

Cancienne was a mother-of-six who had two sons with Sanders, aged 2 and 3.

An autopsy showed Cancienne suffered a history of violence. Her body was covered in bruises and she had 20 broken ribs in various stages healing.

Neighbors revealed Sanders beat her almost continuously throughout their six year relationship, and at least three times a week.

However, the beatings had intensified in the past few weeks, after Saunders had accused Cancienne of sleeping with another man.

A witness told officers that Sanders had been 'whipping her [expletive]' in the backyard of their property on November 11. The neighbor claims they heard Cancienne pleading with him to stop.

Emergency services were called to the property the following day to reports of an unresponsive woman on the couch. Paramedics arrived to found Cancienne cold and stiff. She was pronounced dead. 

Other residents in the home claimed that Cancienne had come home drunk around 3am, taken six packets of BC Powder, and then laid down. They claimed she had a history of medical problems and drug abuse.

Sanders told police he had been out mowing grass outside a convenience store. However, CCTV footage showed Sanders had not been outside the store as he claimed.

He was arrested after Cancienne's autopsy revealed she had died of internal injuries.

Sanders was previously convicted of attempted first degree murder in St. James Parish in 1996 and aggravated battery in Winn Parish. He got out of jail in 2011 and was placed under parole through 2025.

He is currently behind bars facing charges of second degree murder for Cancienne’s death.

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