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Report: Man Arrested For Trying To Run Over His Girlfriend & Her Children After He Was Refused Sex

A Louisiana man was arrested on Sunday after he allegedly attempted to run his girlfriend and her three children down with his truck. 

The crazy incident happened over his girlfriend not wanting to have sexual relations that morning. Her refusal apparently drove him over the edge.

The Baton Rouge police report revealed Benjamin Blount, 62, became enraged when his girlfriend refused to have sex with him early Sunday morning. The girlfriend told police that Bount "wanted to have sex and she was not in the mood."

The woman tried to leave the apartment with her children, when Blount began to argue with her and the situation allegedly became physical. 

According to the police report, Blount held his girlfriend down by the throat and the victim's 9-year-old daughter jumped on top of him to try to help her mother.

After a struggle, the victim was able to get herself and her three children out of the apartment. The woman walked to a restaurant nearby with her children, waiting in the parking lot for someone to come pick them up.

Blount reportedly got into 2001 Chervrolet Silverado truck and allegedly sped towards them in an attempt to run them over. The police report states the incident happened early Sunday morning in the 7800 block of Greenwell Springs Road.

Blount then reportedly made a u-turn and attempted to run the woman and her children over a second time. 

The victim told police that she had to jump behind a dumpster to avoid being struck by the vehicle.

Blount fled from the scene, but he was later found by police and arrested.

He allegedly admitted to police that he grabbed his girlfriend to keep her from leaving the apartment, but claimed it was because he didn't want the children out in the cold wather. 

Blount also told authorities that was the same reason he drove towards to the victim and her kids. He claimed that he was attempting to scare them into come back inside. 

Blount was booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison and charged with second-degree kidnapping, battery, child endangerment, and two counts of attempted first-degree murder.

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