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Report: Male Nurse Sentence For Soliciting Friends To Rape Women With Dementia In Nursing Home Between The Ages of 85-90 Years Old

Upsetting story alert.

A 30-year-old Channing Butler has been sentenced to 14 years in prison for the solicitation of criminal aggravated sexual assault of residents at Bickford Assisted Living and Memory Care facility in Champaign, Illinois.

He let 19-year old Trent Warren and two other men inside a nursing home to commit acts of sexual assault, on senior citizens and recording the acts. Two other men involved in the case, Dean Goble and Dontrell Netter, are currently incarcerated.

Butler was an employee at Bickford Senior Living Center. Prosecutors say, on numerous occasions, Butler let different men into the facility to sexually assault elderly women while he videotaped the crime.

He admitted to paying men to sexually assault elderly women.

In one case, Butler offered $60, but only paid $40 since the victim fought off the attacker. All the victims were older than 85 and suffered from dementia. One has since passed away.


All attackers have been sentenced to prison terms.

When Butler testified, he changed the story that he initially gave to police in December 2015.

Butler testified that he had told Champaign police detective Andre Davis in 2015 that he got Dontrell Netter to come to Bickford by posing as a woman on Facebook who was interested in having sex with Netter.

He also told Davis that he and Netter had sex there, before Netter entered the 90-year-old woman’s room and molested her.

But Butler also told the jury that he had lied to Davis and that Netter actually turned down his request to engage with the woman as Butler had suggested.

Netter testified that he never crossed the threshold of the woman’s room. He told the jury that he went to Bickford on a night in July 2015 after exchanging messages via Facebook with a person named Taylor (whom he thought was a woman).

That person, who turned out to be Butler, told Netter that he could have “sex with Taylor or a woman the age of like 50.”

Netter said he followed Taylor’s directions to get to Bickford and despite a large sign in front identifying it as an assisted living and memory care facility, he thought he was going to a person’s home.

Even after seeing handicapped parking spaces and a double set of doors, Netter stated that he entered the facility when Butler came to the door and waved him in. Netter said he had never seen Butler before.

Netter alleges Butler took him to the woman’s room, telling him as they arrived at her door, ‘I have a woman in this room. She’s old. I want you to go have sex with her.’ “

However, when he saw the elderly woman seated in a chair, Netter insists told Butler he was “crazy” and headed for the exit. He said Butler tried to persuade him to carry it out but he testified he “never got close to that woman. I never crossed the threshold.”

“My first words were: ‘Where’s the girl?’ It felt like a set-up. He (Butler) was hesitant then told me, ‘I’m who you been talking to.’ Then I said, ‘Where is the other woman?’ I was feeling like I got tricked but I held on to some hope there was some woman there. It was night and I was in the mood,” Netter stated.

Netter testified that Butler had to punch in a code in order for him to go out the door and that he went to his car, smoked a cigarette and considered calling the police. But he said he did not do that because he was on parole, was planning to leave the area soon anyway and thought he could just put the incident behind him. He also said he didn’t believe that either he or Butler had committed any crime.


Jurors saw a photo recovered from Butler’s phone showing the woman engaged in a sex act with a man. Butler told the jury that he took the photo and that Netter was present in the room but he wasn’t certain if Netter was the man committing the act. A man’s face is not visible in the picture.

A jury took three hours to reject Dontrell Netter’s assertions that he never crossed the threshold of the 90-year-old woman’s room at Bickford Cottage.

In court, Butler was recorded on camera apologizing for his “outlandish behavior” and said he’d “made the worst mistake of his life“.

Netter—who has ‘I LOVE MY MOM’ tattooed on his arm—was sentenced to 30 years in prison this week.

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