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Malaysia Pargo Gets Shady And Drags Ogom Chijindu’s Wig On Social Media + OG Claps Back — Receipts Inside

In case you missed the very shady episode of “Basketball Wives” that aired recently…

Jackie Christie may have hoped cast newcomer, Ogom "OG" Chijindu, and Malaysia Pargo would get along royally, but they two ladies are already beefing. Pargo has been taking aim at OG over her "slipping wig" and the beef still isn't dying down.

Chijindu was shown previously on "Basketball Wives" when she met up with Malaysia and Jackie Christie for a shopping trip and it became apparent very quickly that Malaysia wasn't here for OG's style choices.

OG was later also seen meeting up with Malaysia  and Evelyn Lozada, when Chijindu asked about her feud with Christie. 

Malaysia felt OG was being a traitor and wondered if she really was Jackie's true friend.

OG was getting ready to leave and made a remark about Malaysia's wig. Pargo didn't appreciate the comment and began acting catty, informing OG that her wig was beginning to slide off.

Malaysia said, "Yours is coming off, I see it."

OG replied, "You don’t see anything, not with those bangs."

Malaysia responded by stating, "Your wig is already in the car where you need to go."

Malaysia then decided to throw a wig party and invited the football player to the gathering in order to get herself some hair that fit her better. 

Malaysia began cracking tons of jokes at OG's expense on Twitter after the episode aired., which entertained fans and angered the show's new castmate. 

See the most shady one below: 

OG responded to Malaysia's dig by writing, "Malaysia you came for my body first and I let you live...Episode 1. Then you came for my character and I clapped back because I am #nottheone. I said you and your wig could stay there...#sogetoutyourfeelings. Let's keep it all the way 100% boo. I need no lessons from you. #iheartOG #Nigerianknockout."

Malaysia also tweeted, "It’s all jokes. I never believe in coming for anyone. However, if you come for me without first doing a mirror check, I’m definitely going to remind you. Be humble and always glue, sew, or pin your wig down before tearing the next person down."

Some fans defended OG and remarked that Malaysia needs to wear wigs herself. She responded by sharing a video of her natural hair.

OG is a new face on the Season 7 of Basketball Wives. She is not only in a relationship with a basketball star, but she is also an athlete.

OG has played for seven years in the Legends Football League, formerly the Lingerie Football League, over the past decade.

She is in a relationship with Kwame Alexander, who is currently playing basketball overseas for Club Atlético Goes of the Uruguayan Basketball League.

What do you think of Malaysia's remarks about OG? Witty and funny or rather cruel?

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