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Report: Husband Has Pregnant Wife Murdered To Get His Hands On Insurance Money

There are new developments in the murder case of Makeva Jenkins, a pregnant mother of three, who was shot and killed. It turns out her greedy husband paid someone to murder his wife.

In May, Makeva told Euri that she was unhappy and wanted a divorce. However, she had a change of heart when she discovered she was pregnant. 

A close friend of Makeva’s told investigators Euri wasn’t happy about her pregnancy. He already owed a whopping $10K in back child support to another baby mama named Tiffany.

In June of 2017, Euri told police that a masked gunman entered their home and killed Makeva while she was sleeping. However, it was later revealed that Euri offered up $1500 to have his wife murdered, with the murder-for-hire plot revealed in an audio recording.

A witness inside the home came forward with the identity of the masked man. Dametrius Dale told investigators he drove the shooter to the scene of the crime moments before it happened. Dale said 19-year-old Joevan Joseph was the one who pulled the trigger.

Dale wore a wire when Joseph told him Euri gave him a gun and $1,500 two days before the crime. Joseph told detectives Euri once said he wanted to kill his wife, but that he didn’t help him.

Joseph pleaded not guilty to first degree murder in September.

Police records also show an ex-girlfriend named Tiffany Webb told investigators Euri kissed her the day before Makeva’s murder, revealing that he showed no emotion after her death.

Before his arrest, Jenkins he remembered Makeva as a good wife, a good mom, and an entrepreneur who came from nothing to something.

Days before her death, Makeva posted positive thoughts on Facebook about her life and work.

Court documents reveal that Euri murdered his wife for her life insurance money. He was the beneficiary of a $500,000 policy and the other policy was still in Makeva’s grandmother’s name. Euri reportedly remarked, "Wow! She didn’t change it in time."

Euri, 31, entered a not guilty plea to first-degree murder in the death of Makeva Jenkins.

The State Attorney’s Office have not revealed why Jenkins and Joseph are not currently facing additional charges for the death of the unborn child.

Makeva's grandmother told the media, "It’s devastating to see somebody come forward like that, and he has all the charges filed against him. He was married to my child, he had children by her and now he’s on trial for doing what he did, he’s going to be tried for that."

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