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K. Michelle & Moniece Get Shady With The Tea And Expose A Fellow ‘Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’ Cast Member For Lying — Receipts Inside

K. Michelle is returning to the "Love & Hip Hop" franchise and is already starting drama with another member of the cast.

The "Puff & Petals" singer, who previously shut down the idea of returning to the reality show, is coming back to the series in another city.

Michelle left "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" after Season 2, before landing her own spin-off show, "My Life."

She swore that "no amount of money" would lure her back to the "Love & Hip Hop" franchise, but has since had a change of heart.

The singer has now joined "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" and is already feuding with her co-star, Lyrica Anderson.

The show is already being filmed and it appears it didn't take Michelle long to have issues with another female on the set. 

K. Michelle is taken to social media to suggest that one of her co-stars is attempting to fake a pregnancy for her storyline.

The singer has taken aim at the unidentified woman, who many believe may be Lyrica, to blast her for making up lies. 

K believes that the cast member is lying about being pregnant and suspects the woman will later claim she suffered a miscarriage. She suggests her co-star will have the miscarriage story play out in order to receive sympathy from fans, while covering her deceit. 

Beauty 🌸 @kmichellemusic #kmichelle
Michelle tweeted, "I guess bringing the Real to LA is about to be pretty interesting."

She continued, "I honestly never had to fake a storyline especially to the extremes. My life has always been crazy enough. My prophecy for attention and then boom all of a sudden she will claim a miscarriage so her lies can be overlooked and she’ll play victim by claiming the stress did it. Remember this day people." 

Opp seem like #kmichelle may possibly be talking about #lyricaanderson and also admitting to #loveandhiphop fake storylines but we already knew this...right🤔 #lhhhollywood #vh1 #celebrity #celebrities #celebritytrends #celebritygossip #vh1 #lhh #musicindustry

Michelle then ended her shade-throwing comments by tweeting, "These storylines are getting out of hand. Next they’ll be claiming Jesus came and sat at the foot of the bed!"

Michelle's "Love & Hip Hop" cast mate, Moniece Slaughter, appears to agree with her remarks. 

Been sick for almost 3 weeks now. Upper respiratory and head cold took me out. Can't wait to get back in the studio so I came to @bodysystemswellness for my super immunity drip today and my B-12 injection

Slaughter responded to Michelle's comments by writing, "Deaconess Kimberly with a word for the congregation today. Look at your neighbor and say neighbor, rebuke the devil for he is a lie."

Many followers believe that their comments may be directed to Anderson. Fans of the show noted that Michelle and Lyrica have been beefing on social media already, believing they may have had friction during filming.

Michelle's return to reality television will probably include her experience after having her booty implants removed. The reality star has been open about her journey on social media.

K's storyline may also cover her lupus diagnosis and plans to have a child. 

The singer previously opened up about her plans to have twin girls using a surrogate. Michelle and her rumored fiancé, Dr. Kastan Sims, reportedly put their plans on hold after her health issues. 
Love these two ❤️ #kmichelle @kmichellemusic
As the premiere for “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” gets closer, we’re sure that more details about this tea are sure to drop.

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