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There's Even More Messy Tea About Lyrica Anderson & A1 Amidst Safaree Samuels Cheating Rumors

Um, wow. 

Talk about bad timing though.

I think we can all agree that Lyrica Anderson is already having quite THE season so far on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood as she’s been at odds with K. Michelle after some messy accusations.

During the premiere episode, K. Michelle sparked the nonsense up when she claimed that Lyrica had an inappropriate text message conversation with Safaree.

She also claimed that Lyrica made it clear that she wanted to sleep with Safaree.

In Monday’s episode, A1 gave Marcus the recap of his fallout with K. Michelle. Marcus gets messy and tells A1 that Brooke Valentine saw Lyrica & Safaree flirting. 

A1 then went to go confront his wife Lyrica over rumors that she was fooling around with Safaree Samuels.

“What’s up with you and Safaree?” – A1 says. “You was trying to [sleep with] him?”

Initially, Lyrica laughed off the accusation before sliding her phone to her husband to prove that she hadn't been unfaithful.

But...she had already deleted all her text messages to Safaree, for some reason. Weird move, sweetie.

With a tossed drink and a hateful goodbye, Lyrica left A1 at the bar and threatened to put hands on K. Michelle for starting the rumors.

Before long, Safaree and A1 nearly came to blows on-camera.

All the nonsense led to the A1 & Lyrica seemingly separating. 

Well it’s starting to look more and more like Safaree was indeed sleeping with his A1’s wife.

Back in February, Lyrica reportedly took her husband to task for his supposedly philandering ways. In her Snap, she talked about how she always wanted a "side [expletive]." And if you look closely, you can see that here is a red fur coat (a hem) in the picture.

Also in view is a big cup of lean. And another glass with some type of liquor concoction. So, two drinks. A date, presumably.

And if you look closely at the Snap, you'll see Safaree's infamous red fur coat in the picture.

On top of that… insiders are now claiming that Lyrica is actually pregnant (hopefully it’s with A-1 and not Safaree).

Noooo. You think this could be true? 

While neither she nor A1 have addressed the gossip, the rumor has been spreading like wildfire on across the Internet.

We can all rest assured that the truth will be revealed soon.

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