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Moniece Slaughter & AD Diggs Announce "Not Mutual" Split As They Air Their Dirty Laundry On Social Media

Sad news for Love and Hip Hop Hollywood fans.

Moniece Slaughter and girlfriend, AD Diggs, have reportedly ended their relationship and Moniece is devastated over the “non-mutual” split.

AD is from New York City, but currently lives in Los Angeles. The 34-year-old owns her own sneaker shop called Digg the Kicks. Before Moniece started dating AD, she was previously linked to LHHH co-star Rich Dollaz and she has a son named Kamron David Frédéric, whom she shares with her ex Lil' Fizz.

Diggs took to social media to make it very clear where they stand, letting the whole world know just what’s going on.

AD didn’t get into too much detail in her Instagram Story post but what she did say and how Moniece reacted shows there’s no room for reconciliation. 

“I wasn’t even going to address this cause I feel like it should be a private matter but I see that she can’t respect that. Moniece and I are officially broken up. I don’t wish to share the personal reasons behind why. I respect both of our families way too much and they have already been through enough with our relationship. I wish Moniece nothing but the best. And to my close friends and family, thank you for always loving and supporting me. AD.” 

Moniece responded, disappointed and hurt by AD’s decision, reposting the lengthy Instagram explanation with her own caption explaining just how hurt she is by this breakup. 

She wrote, “Probably the worst thing I could’ve ever seen. The worst pain I’ve ever felt. And a message I’m not ready to accept. But this is how she feels. So I guess there is indeed no hope for repair. And I guess I’ll have no choice but to let it go. Feeling isn’t mutual and I desperately wished things could have been different. But I can’t make some love me the way I love them.” 

You can view both posts below:

#moniece and her girlfriend has split #lhhh

Moniece later posted a message claiming their relationship wasn't faked for the show, and that the breakup wasn't filmed for Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.

AD sent a brief yet pointed message celebrating the change in her relationship status to her Instagram story, “Unless God sent you…Shawty, I’m unavailable”

As far as we can tell from the multiple posts, it seems to be a one-sided decision to breakup and although unwilling to accept it, Moniece has nothing more she can do but move on now that AD is done with her. 

The fifth season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood returns Monday, July 23 at 8:00 PM ET on VH1.

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