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Report: "Love & Hip Hop: Miami" Star Gunplay Accused Of Physically Assaulting Ex-Girlfriend

“Love & Hip Hop: Miami” star Gunplay has been accused of allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend Aneka Johnston  after reportedly head butting her.


According to a police report obtained by The Blast, the duo worked themselves into a heated argument, which eventually escalated from verbal to physical.

The rapper reportedly was at The Office strip club in Miami with his current girlfriend Keyara on January 1st , a source claimed. 

His ex Aneka happened to be one of the dancers performing at the club that night and she spoke with Gunplay, which led to him waiting in the parking lot until her shift ended. Uhhh.

He then allegedly attacked her around 3 AM when she came out. 
Perfect day to #BossUp #LLBO
Aneka didn’t take her time when it came to filing a police report, which stated that there was a “verbal dispute in regards to relationship issues”.

It also declared that Gunplay “became irate and struck Miss Johnston upon her face with his head.” 

That…isn’t great. Who does that?

Aneka drove herself to the hospital after the incident. She was treated for bruising on her face and neck, as well as a scratched cornea.

Pretty intense stuff. 

The Miami police have wrapped up the investigation, referring Aneka to the Florida State Attorney’s office if she decides to press charges against Gunplay. 

She probably will, right? We would. 
With Gunplay reportedly getting into legal trouble on the same day the Miami version of the “Love & Hip Hop” franchise debuted on VH1, odds are he won’t be around too much longer … much like Scrapp DeLeon, who ladies loved watching. on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” until his several felonies forced him to serve prison time. 

Pretty sure it’s never wise to bring your current girlfriend to the strip club where your ex-girlfriend works the pole. Then again, Gunplay hasn’t been making the world’s greatest decisions in the short time “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” has been on air.
Gunplay could be looking at misdemeanor charges after allegedly assaulting Aneka Johnston. 
Wonder what Keyara thinks. Or Miami Tip. Who are sort of flirting it up these days, weirdly enough.

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