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Ray J Explains His Moving Hat, Why It’s Hard Trusting Safaree After Lyrica Confession & More — Video

This is Ray J being Ray J… and we love it! 

“Brandy’s Brother” is back with more shenanigans to give us laughs after the viral “Ray J Hat Challenge” that swept across our timelines this past week. 

The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star has a logical explanation for why his hat appeared to move so many times during the controversial scene with cast mate Safaree Samuels  that will go down in history as one of the top moments in the LHH franchise. 

In the most recent episode, Ray J confronted Safaree about a rumor that he had slept with Lyrica Anderson, the wife of their mutual friend, music producer A1 Bentley. He got Safaree to admit he slept with Lyrica by lying that she already admitted they did.

The internet was lit as fans hilariously pointing out that during the scene, Ray J’s hat changed positions numerous times.

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“Are we going to ignore the fact that Ray J’s hat moved like 2,000 times in like 10 seconds!!!!’ one person wrote on Twitter.

The new dad stopped by The Breakfast Club to explain why the hate moved so much, why it’s hard to trust Safaree, being a dad, Moniece attempting to fight his then pregnant wife and more!

On why his hat kept moving so damn much in the scene:

"I didn't have a haircut, fam! That was an old beanie from my mom's garage that I just grabbed. It's easy [to use] to kinda massage your mind. And then I got this stress/bald spot that came out of nowhere. I do the bald fade, but when the hair grows back a little bit you can see it. So my stress spot was exposed and I felt insecure that day. Things were happening. Safaree was not telling me what I needed to know. It took a minute."

@cthagod vs. @rayj who did the better #rayjhatchallenge >> but just wait till the end >> click the link in the bio to see the full interview

On if he's can trust the homie Safaree after admitting to the alleged affair with Lyrica:

"You know, it's tough. It's a tough thing at this point because you're not supposed to do that. And then you're my friend and A1 is my friend. If you're my friend, I gotta put you up on game - especially on a life-altering situation. But then you [Safaree] are my friend, so I don't want to snitch on you. So what do I do?"

On Moniece trying to attack Princess Love with a chair while she was pregnant:

"Princess' belly was exposed. It was big. The end of the chair could've hit the stomach. Something could've ricocheted off the chair. So I felt hurt by it, but there's a way you have to approach women. You can be mad but there's a level of respect you gotta demand. Her and Princess gotta deal with that."

On fatherhood and how baby Melody has changed his dynamic with Princess Love: 

"[My marriage] with Princess got way better. My respect level for the wife went beyond the roof. It was a whole different thing. I was crying like a baby when Melody came out. I didn't know I could cry like that. She was in labor for almost 27 hours. I was there so long I shot a music video."

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