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"LHHH" Star Masika Kalysha Had The Pettiest Reaction To Alexis Skyy's Pregnancy-Health Scare

How low can Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Masika go?

TheShadeRoom was sent footage of 6 months pregnant Alexis Skyy being wheeled into the hospital emergency room after her water broke prematurely. Her on-again/off-again boyfriend Fetty Wap dropped everything he was doing and rushed to her side. 

Guess whose feathers this ruffled up? 


Masika recently wrote, "My ability to wish you well and not give a [expletive] about you at the same time is amazing."

Want a pro tip, darling? Going on about how much you don’t care…kind of makes it seem like you care.

That wasn’t all though; she took the time to craft a few presumable insults about her ex too.

Well today should be interesting 👀

Well, says that, at least as of Wednesday morning, Alexis is reportedly not having any contractions and her goal is to "not have the baby yet." She did reveal that while their child will likely be born premature, Princess Alaiya will be healthy.

Guess we now all know for certain why she was rushed to the hospital the other day.

Fetty Wap went LIVE on Instagram from the hospital room , saying, “My baby good, everything good”. The rapper then communicated to a nurse, explaining that Alexis was sleeping and had received a steroid shot in her leg. 

The next bit of Fetty’s live stream focused on Alexis, who seemed to be in good spirits. She was laughing and peeking at her phone. “Everything Good… Alaiya.M,” he captioned it.
#PressPlay: #TSRUpdatez--#FettyWap has been by #AlexisSky's side since she was admitted to the hospital due to pregnancy complications. #Fetty took to #IGLive to let everyone know that both #Alexis & the baby are fighters & are doing just fine!! 🙏🏾 #Alexis also made sure to start following #Fetty on the 'Gram again

Alexis’ buddy, Ikey, also had chimed in via Instagram stories with an update; “Alexis & the baby is fine. Just keep her in your prayers & respect her privacy at the moment”.

#TSRUpdatez: #AlexisSkyy’s bestie says she and the baby are doing fine! “She’s still pregnant. Her water did break but her and the baby are fine.”

Alexis revealed that she was having a girl by posting a snap of herself on social media, writing, “Baby girl, I can't wait to meet you...💓 Photographer: @20kvisuals Hair: @_hairbyivy Makeup: @donovanlamar Stylist: @geche.escvar”.

Long ago, she responded to an Instagram comment  which asked if the father was the “ugly [expletive] off Love & Hip Hop”. She shot back by saying that he is not the father and said it was simply a storyline for the show, adding, "That's what I get payed [sic] to do, if you was smart you would catch on...and my baby father is probably the man of your dreams #1738."


#AlexisSkyy gives an update of her and #FettyWaps baby girls condition 👀🙏🏽💕

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