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Report: Louisiana Woman Shot Dead On Facebook Live By Ex-Boyfriend

A woman was shot dead by her former boyfriend while she was on Facebook Live. 

Rannita Williams, 27, went on Facebook Live using her cell phone at around 11 a.m. on Thursday during a fight with her ex-boyfriend, Johnathan Robinson.

The shooting occurred in Williams' home in Shreveport, Louisiana, where Robinson, 36, was shown on video as she was being made to apologize for something.  

Williams, who also went by the nickname 'Nunu', spoke to a live audience as Robinson was seen pacing around behind her and threatening her. 

Robinson fired off six shots during the terrifying ordeal, which was captured on video as Williams collapsed to the ground.

Robinson could be heard earlier in the video saying, "[Trick] wanna be famous?"

Williams replied "no" as her ex-boyfriend continued to threaten her and walk around behind her. 

He was heard muttering "Everybody wanna be famous, let's be famous today" during the video.

Police said that Robinson was holding Williams hostage in her own home before he grabbed a shotgun and shot her. 

Williams could be heard screaming "Stop Johnathan" as he began firing the gun at her and her phone fell to the ground. 

A shadow of the rifle is seen on camera at the end of the video, as Robinson stands over the woman. 

He is heard stating, 'Now [expletive], game over. Game over [expletive]." 

Williams was rushed to the hospital, where she later died as a result of her gunshot wounds. 

Her family said that she previously dated Robinson off and on for years, but the couple reportedly broke up for good around two years ago.

According to a Facebook post though, Rannita was allegedly murdered for exposing herself as Jonathan’s sidechick to his current girlfriend.

Nearly 40 officers rushed to the scene after the shots were fired inside the Louisiana home. One police officer sustained a gunshot wound to the wrist during the stand-off.

Police officers exchanged gunfire with Robinson for nearly 90 minutes before they could arrest him, according to the Shreveport Times.  

Robinson was charged with second-degree murder and possession of a firearm before being taken to Caddo Correctional Center. 

He reportedly was arrested back in 2015 after he allegedly beat his girlfriend after he forced her into a residence.

Williams leaves behind three children, ages 13, 6 and 4.

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