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Lonzo Ball's Longtime Girlfriend Calls Him Out In Instagram Video Just Two Months After Giving Birth

Weren’t they gushing over each other publicly like, just months ago?

Los Angeles Lakers star Lonzo Ball and long-time girlfriend Denise Garcia welcomed a baby girl —Zoey Christina—back in July, but it seems that there are already some serious parenting issues going on?

Yup. Denise claims Lonzo is a absentee dad. She wants $30,000/month (allegedly) and if he doesn't meet her demands she's spilling all the dirty details. Oof.

No clue as to why these two opted to call it quits, but it seems like their current dynamic is not at all amicable. 

She hopped on Instagram Live recently with one of her friends and someone wrote in, "Blink if Lonzo is a [absentee] dad." Denise laughed at first, then, she sat up and blinked hard.

In another clip, Denise blasts Lonzo about not knowing what his 3-month-old daughter's favorite song is. Apparently, it’s "Let It Go" from Disney's Frozen.

Peep a replay of her social media antics.

Oh and that isn’t the end of it.

Black Sports Online reported that “we now know why according to reports the couple is on very shaky legs and potentially have broken up. Garcia has been on IG bashing ZO calling him a deadbeat dad. She is also threatening a tell-all book about the Ball family unless her child support demands are met. She wants upwards of $30k a month for herself and the child. They will reportedly be going to court soon, so stay tuned.”

Um, LaVar Ball is not going to stand for any of that, right?


Lonzo and Denise started dating when they were young kids living in Chino Hills and attending Chino Hills High School together. So, they were high school sweethearts.

Denise once proclaimed her love for her then-boyfriend when he was drafted to the Lakers, writing, “From the very first moment I saw him I knew he was special. Without knowing his name or watching him play, all I cared about was that fact that he caught my eye and had my attention,” Denise captioned a photo of her and Lonzo. “As impossible as it may seem, the Zo I know off the court is more incredible than who he is on the court. Personally, it will always be that way. Being by his side through it all, has been a blessing in itself. It brings me so much happiness to watch him do what he loves and no one deserves this opportunity more than he does. Congrats on this accomplishment, but we know you ain’t done yet. It’s time to takeover this next level and I’m ready to support you along the way💜💛.”

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