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Erika Alexander Made An Announcement About ‘Living Single’ That Has The Internet In Their Feelings

Anyone need a REBOOT?!? 

It seems like the go-to move for programming in the recent years is rebooting classic 90’s sitcoms. 

We’ve seen the relaunch of Full House (now Fuller House on Netflix), Will & Grace is back on NBC, Roseanne re-debuted with 25 million viewers earlier this year. 

Jackée Harry, who played the mom of Tia and Tamera Mowry on Sister Sister, confirmed that the series will be coming back. 

After 20 years of feuding, Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell (along with Tichina Arnold) were caught by TMZ teasing the return of Martin to our TV screens. 

Adding to reboot hysterically, is Erika Alexander, who we first knew as Cousin Pam on the Cosby Show before capturing the nation’s hearts as Maxine Shaw, Attorney-At-Law on Living Single

She’s proving the hype is real as she’s teasing the show that welcomed Khadijah, Synclaire, Kyle, Regine, Obie, and Maxine into our lives might be making a comeback. 

Erika Alexander dropped a very noticeable clue on Instagram Monday (July 30), with an intriguing pun.

"Anybody know how to reboot this?" she said while pointing to her laptop before winking at the camera.

In the post's supporting caption, she added the hashtags "#maxineshaweffect, #reboot, #livingsingle, #nowarranty."

Take a look, below:

Anyone need a REBOOT?!? ; ) #maxineshaweffect #reboot #livingsingle #nowarranty

Of course, social media is all for this as fans of the show lit up Twitter with words of excitement at the possibility of Living Single making a return, especially with the way the series finale ended.

We wonder what changed Erika’s mind because when she was asked by The Breakfast Club about a possible Living Single re-boot back in March, she shut the idea down saying:

“I think it’s great people are nostalgic for things in the past but for me I always try to be honest. If my film and television career had been a lot better, I might not have any problem dipping my toe into that water and going and doing the Max character. But for me, time is finite. We have so little time, I think I just want to see if I can do other things and see if I can get people as happy for me or into a different character in a different way. That’s my goal now. Never say never. I enjoyed them and that wouldn’t be the reason I didn’t do it.”

Guess she was spot on with the “never say never” part.

Living Single has recently gained new fans through its syndication on Hulu and would definitely garner more fanfare if the reboot hit Netflix.

No matter the channel, I think I speak for all when I say…we’re all ready for this.

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