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LisaRaye’s Ex-Husband Michael Misick Reveals They Were Once In A Messy Love Triangle With Omarosa

This is almost too dramatic of a situation.

Michael Misick, the ex-chief minister of the Turks and Caicos islands, shocked plenty of people by speaking up about his alleged six-month long fling with Omarosa Manigault.

He dug up even deeper drama by mentioning that his once-wife, LisaRaye McCoy, had some involvement, of sorts, in keeping them apart.  

Yup. He told all this (and more) to the Daily Mail, sharing that he and the infamous TV villain first met back in 2005, after she divorced her first husband, Aaron Stallworth.

"I knew who she was and she knew who I was. What struck me about her was her intellect," he confessed. “[Omarosa] was highly intelligent which is not the first thing that comes to mind with a reality star. She was highly knowledgeable about politics and world affairs. We had a very interesting, stimulating conversation.”

Misick then added: “Omarosa is a powerful, opinionated and strong black woman – the complete package of beauty and intellect. She would always give me sound advice. In fact, I wish I had taken more of her advice – some things would have been different.”


The duo became romantically entangled, casually, when he flew to New York to take her on a date to Sylvia's in Harlem. 

She later went on to accompany him on a trip to Dubai and from there, their relationship sizzled for six months. He emphasized that their bedroom life was "amazing," and "very satisfying."

“We were dating, to use the American term. I wouldn’t say that we were monogamous – that question never came up. We were dating, we were getting to know each other and having fun. She was amazing, very satisfying. In the islands, we don’t kiss and tell, but without kissing and telling, there were no complaints in that department.”

However, the distance between the two caused the spark the fade out. He then ended up with LisaRaye who, he claims, angrily forced him to end his friendship with Omarosa once she saw them chatting at an NAACP event.

LisaRaye and Michael soon opted to swap vows, though they divorced two years later. She has been keeping it moving though, as she has since gotten engaged on-air, before savagely calling it quits with her then-husband-to-be

In addition to LisaRaye and Omarosa, Michael has been linked to a few other celebrity women including Rocsi Diaz and Nicole Murphy. So, that is interesting, we guess.

Controversy arguably engulfed his career as he was forced to step down from his position in 2009 after being accused of heinous stuff by the British government. 


So, are you surprised by any of these revelations? 

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