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Watch: LisaRaye McCoy Went On TV And Got Engaged To A Man in Literally Under an Hour — Video

LisaRaye has had her fair share of short relationships. Has she finally found her one true love? 

The ABC Show, The Proposal, is one that helps people from all walks of life find true love. American actress, designer, model, and businesswoman LisaRaye McCoy had been dropping hints on her Instagram regarding her upcoming appearance on the show. 

She mentions how she is on the search for Mr. Right, and asks followers for help choosing a photo for her dating profile.

It came down to two men on The Proposal: Adonis and Anthony. She ended up choosing Anthony and now they’re engaged to be married.

Yep, you read that correctly. The 51-year-old actress got engaged on reality TV.

Have you ever watched The Bachelor or The Bachelorette and thought, " like this, but make it under an hour?" 

If you’ve never seen the Proposal, it’s a show where the main individual’s identity is kept a secret for a majority of the show, while a group from all over the world fights to be the object of their affection. Somewhat similar to The Bachelor/Bachelorette, except no one knew it was LisaRaye until it was time to pick a winner and propose. 

The choices came down to Adonis from Miami and Anthony Bryant from her hometown Chicago. After sharing their reasons for being on the show, their personal stories, and meeting her daughter Kai, LisaRaye seemed to be totally in love with the poet from Chicago. 

You can watch the anticipation on their faces as Lisa makes her decision below:

#PressPlay Congrats to #LisaRaye on her engagement on the show #TheProposal via: @icecreamconvos_

LisaRaye shared her motivation to continue looking for the one. “I’ve been married before, and it ended not so well. And you would think I would be tainted by that. Except it really made me go more towards love,” LisaRaye said of how she ended up on the dating show. “I am looking for someone who’s looking for that special someone. That really is a fan of love and believes in love.”

Like LisaRaye, Anthony is a divorcée and parent of one. She was previously married twice, to Tony Martin from 1992-1994, and to Michael Misick, past Premier of the Turks and Caicos, from 2006-2008.

It’s great to see that she hasn’t given up. Good luck to LisaRaye and Anthony, who finally popped the question in Chicago during a viewing party of the show for their family and friends. 

Congratulations to LisaRaye and her new man!

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