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Lil Boosie's Baby Mama Shares A Very Disturbing Recording That Involves The Rapper And Their Daughter

Looks like Lil Boosie is caught up in some ugly baby mama drama and the Baton Rouge emcee and the mother of his daughter are at serious odds. 

In a shocking recorded audio call, Rachel Wagner is speaking out and exposing Boosie for his horrendous words and potential actions. 

Lil Boosie, whose real name is Torrence Hatch, and Rachel Wagner have a daughter named Tori. She was five at the time of the allegations.  

The woman says their relationship started when she was 16 but was never acknowledged publicly. Fans of Boosie know he spent 5 years in lockdown in Louisiana after police found Drug paraphernalia & and a weapon in his car in 2009. On top of his 2009 sentencing and incarceration, he also caught an indictment for his alleged role in the passing of Rachel’s brother (Boosie was later acquitted due to lack of evidence).

Rachael, the mother of Boosie’s daughter Torianna, went on Instagram Live to share an alleged audio recording of Boosie (Torrence Hatch) threatening to take her life and give their daughter a black eye.

Wagner spoke on Instagram Live saying how she had no way to explain to her daughter that her uncle got killed by her father.  

Before airing the audio, she opened up about the murder of her brother, claiming Boosie is responsible for his death. “Even though he got acquitted,” she said, “because, you know, it ain’t what the streets have, they go by what you can prove.”

Wagner proceeded to play a recording of her and Hatch on the phone having an argument. The argument turns violent when Hatch begins cursing her out, saying “I will put a bag on you!” 

She then asks what he said to Tori to make her cry, and he angrily declares that he’s removing their daughter from his will. Boosie also calls their daughter the b word, saying he’ll black her eye. Wagner responds boldly, “I wish you would put your hands on my daughter!”  

MTO News reports that law enforcement are looking into Boosie's threats.

If you’re wondering, Boosie has addressed these allegations in an G Live video. He didn’t really make a direct response to the claims, instead choosing to discredit Rachel’s testimony by portraying her as morally weak. He laughs as he shames her for [multiple intimate encounters with various men including him and one of his friends.] 

"[Trick], you a [Expletive]. You [screwed], two best friends at the same time."

According to him, she’s been arrested several times for theft, and their daughter has been exposed to drugs through her side of the family. “[Expletive], you got 30 [expletive] charges from stealing from the store,” he says. “You steal with your child, everything.”

It’s amazing that he finds her character “laughable” but that didn’t stop him from having a baby with her.

Boosie and Rachel did have a messy legal battle last year over custody Tori, after Wagner claimed he refused to return their daughter. The case was thrown about by a judge.

Let’s pray that the parents can move forward soon and come to a peaceful resolution, especially for their daughter’s sake.

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