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A Very Pregnant Lyrica Anderson Finally Addresses If She Slept With A1's Friend Safaree Samuels — Video

Confessions are flying all over the place, eh?

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood couple Lyrica and A-1 really need to sit down and work out their reported issues, before their baby comes along.

“Lyrica is distraught that people are saying Safaree is the father of her unborn child, this is the most beautiful moment in her life and people are trying to tear her down, it’s sickening to her,” a source previously dished, soon after it was revealed that Lyrica was expecting.

“It’s also causing a lot of tension between her and A1, they’ve been fighting a lot again over whether she did or did not sleep with Safaree. Lyrica is still sticking to her story and swears she didn’t sleep with Safaree but there are definitely some huge questions. She’s most likely going do a DNA test once her baby is born just to shut everyone up and end all these dumb questions.”

Oh and Moniece Slaughter already accused A-1 of fooling around on Lyrica too.

So, perhaps these two were cheating on each other? Or sleeping with other people when they were on a break or something?

Lyrica and A-1 both recently spoke up about their mutual transgressions in their marriage. Hm.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood stars #Lyrica and #A1 talk about the #Safaree cheating rumors, reveal if A1 is really the father of Lyrica’s baby, thoughts on #KMichelle and announce the gender of the baby. Go to to watch the full interview!

Safaree once told the world that he “didn’t mean for it to happen” but was never really upfront about clarifying what he was referring to. Plus, Ray J kind of tricked him into this admission.

Ray J questions Safaree about him and Lyrica. #LHHH #LHHHollywood #LoveAndHipHop #LoveAndHipHopHollywood #RealityTV

Lyrica’s shutting this down though.

“I never slept with Safaree, I’ve bever been alone with Safaree.I don’t know what crazy girl is talking about, I don’t know what droopy booty is on. I have had no relations with that man.  Safaree claims that he said a joke to her [K. Michelle]—and she took it ran with it,” she told The Breakfast Club.

She also danced around a question about whether Safaree’s package is bigger than A-1’s, but made it a point to insist that they are just friends, saying, “I mean I saw it but I don’t want Safaree. He’s literally the homie—he was the homie.”

Charlamagne then asked, “Who’d you cheat with, Lyrica?” She then replied, “It’s nobody that y’all know. […] This is my husband’s baby, we’re having a boy.”

Guess Love & Hip Hop producers had a talk with her or something.

For the record, theJasmineBRAND claimed that, despite the drama that’s happening this season on the show, Lyrica and her husband are still very much together, though Lyrica’s storyline will continue playing around with the speculation that she stepped out on A1 with Safaree (and maybe Roccstar, as well).

#TheBentleys 👪💕

Do you buy this? Any of it, really?

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