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Tommie Lee Reacts To Reports She's Been Fired From 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' After Meltdown

Tommie Lee is rumored to have been given the boot by producers of "Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta", after going off on them during a drunken rage. 

The messy meltdown came about when the ladies of "LHHATL" met up and were discussing Rasheeda's plans for her cast mates to join her in Houston for the opening of her new Pressed store. She thought it would be fun to visit a dude ranch while in Texas.

Spice expressed interest in going, but wasn't down if Tommie Lee's pig was invited.

The Jamaican artist was taking a shot at Tommie for being three hours late to their video shoot, which led to them cancelling their launch party.

Tommie was obviously drunk and responded by laughing in Spice's face. Things became tense and a producer in the background attempted to change the subject by suggesting Lee "tell them about Scrapp." 

Lee obviously had no interest in discussing her ex-boyfriend, Scrapp DeLeon, and begins making crazy insults towards production staff.

Tommie is heard stating she is going to "shut their whole house down because they know that she knows where they live", before stating she needs to go to jail that night.

The “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star is finally escorted out by security, with viewers begin shown the reasons behind it.

The text on screen read, "As Tommie was escorted out, she became increasingly agitated. She tried to return to confront Spice, and was stopped by security."

The crazy episode ended with the show's producer, Stephanie Gayle, announcing they’ve decided to no longer film with Tommie because of her erratic and drunken behavior.

Gayle didn't go into details, but stated that Tommie doesn't adhere to the rules, attacks security, and that they believe she needs professional help that doesn't need to air on television.

Lee was recently ordered to wear an alcohol monitoring device in lieu of going to jail. The device can determine if there is alcohol in Tommie’s system through her sweat every 30 minutes.

Tommie appeared to address rumors she was fired with a recent Instagram post.

Insert A Tommie lyric.....#Namethisface 😂

Lee simply told her followers, "I’m Good Luv, Enjoy ~#Future 😂 @prettylittlething."

I’m Good Luv, Enjoy ~#Future 😂 @prettylittlething

It’s uncertain as to when Tommie will return to "Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta".

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