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‘Love and Hip-Hop’ Star Tommie Lee Has Something To Say Upon Her Release From Jail — Video

Guess who's back?

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Tommie Lee is officially a free woman... once again.

The fiery reality star was apprehended by authorities in October for violating a court order that to not have any contact with her oldest daughter.

Confused? Well, 24 hours earlier, Tommie was arrested for for allegedly slamming her child’s head into a locker at her middle school. Lee was charged with aggravated assault, simple battery, first-degree child cruelty and disruption of public schools.

She got released from Jail on Nov. 7, but was then rearrested AGAIN ON THE SAME DAY for because her arrests were a violation of her 2016 DUI case. 

After spending two months behind bars, she's back home and working on new music. After her release, Tommie went on an appreciation spree – thanking friends, family, and supporters.

In a new video on Twitter, Lee said: "I just want to say thank you to everyone who prayed for me, wrote me, sent me money that I did or didn't need. Everybody who's supported me on social media." 

Take a look, below: 

Will Tommie Lee stay out of trouble long enough to convince producers to allow her to take part in filming for season 8 of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta?


Previous story by Elliah Dash-Stell (11/6/2018 at 9:54 am CT):


Like seriously. We all know she is no stranger to drama and controversy. 

The Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star’s job may be on the line, as she has been accused of putting her hands her child.

She continues to remain under fire after her (most) recent trouble with the law. Back on October 18th, she was placed behind bars for shoving her daughter’s head into a locker at the girl’s middle school. The cops were called and she was apprehended moments later.

The 34-year-old was charged with first-degree child cruelty…and the incident is now coming back around to bite her.

Sources tell theJASMINEbrand that VH1 producers are considering booting Tommie from the “LHHATL” cast-list…for good.

“Tommie has gotten in trouble before, but child cruelty allegations are a sensitive subject,” an insider confessed. “They don’t want it to appear like they’re condoning her behavior.”

The reality star — real name Atasha Jefferson — has appeared on the hit VH1 series since season five, when she was introduced as the girlfriend of rapper Scrapp DeLeon.

Tommie was released from behind bars after posting $27,000 bond the following morning. However, she was handcuffed again three hours later by Smyrna Police, after violating a court order demanding her to stay away from her daughter.

Georgia authorities said the mother of two refused to come downstairs when they arrived at her home and tried to hide in the attic. She was taken back to jail Wednesday night and was charged with talking and obstruction of an officer. 

And she seems to still be there. Someone used her Twitter account to encourage the entertainer's fans to write letters to her while she serves the time.

“Will be getting the address so you guys can send Tommie some letters while she’s away."

The unnamed person also took the opportunity to defend Tommie's character.

"What we’re not gonna do is act like everyone is perfect . She’s a work in progress just like everyone else."

Many fans were appalled by Tommie’s actions.

“Those kids need to be removed, she is toxic,” one Instagram user wrote. “She didnt have to slam her [expletive] head into the locker, a body push would’ve sufficed. If your kids take you serious, giving the eye would’ve been enough.”

Another added, “Ion think shawty care about her life 🤷🏽♀️ she just idk .. how tf you do that to your own child. smh Child abuser.”

Tommie has had her fair share of legal hiccups throughout the years, on and off camera. Hm.

Not long ago, she addressed her drinking problem, saying, "Being suspended from filming was a wake up call that I do need to change some things."

We hope that Tommie can get the help she needs to be a healthy, happy person (and parent, of course).

What do you think? Should Tommie be axed from the show?

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